Radiation Oncology Billing Services

Radiation Oncology Billing Services

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Radiation Oncology Billing Services

Sybrid MD is a leading Radiation Oncology billing company offering its services to clients looking for cost-effective solutions to their billing requirements, thereby, maximizing revenues and minimizing errors. For radiation oncology billing, it requires an extremely cautious adherence to policies, proper management of data and careful transmission of electronic data. Moreover, maximizing revenues and maintaining profitability requires advanced level expertise for radiation oncology, because it involves additional regulatory changes, state focused regulations, and the other intricacies of effective revenue cycle management. For that reason, in order to triumph over these challenges, it requires adequate knowledge and expertise for the management and maintenance of radiation oncology billing and coding. 

Advantage of Our Radiation Oncology Billing Services

With our Radiation Oncology Billing Services, your practice will be furnished with a highly trained billing staff that can remotely handle all your billing chores with a remarkable efficiency and accuracy. We would work as your team, ready to take charge of your billing burden from day one and allowing you to focus on delivering the quality of care to your patients. We are available 24/7 to help our clients in a personalized way, listening to their problems and providing the best of the industry solutions.

Some of the salient features of our medical billing services:

By automating your billing flow, perfect handling of patient data, service eligibility check, and fast communication with the insurance carriers: our Radiation Oncology Billing Services would transform your practice into a cost-effective and profiting specialty.

Software Independent Billing 

Unlike other service providers, our radiation oncology billing services are not dependent on any software and we work seamlessly with all practice management applications. Our medical billing services have been designed to help physician practices run their daily processes without burdensome and costly dependencies. We have made medical billing service affordable to maximize the profits of our clients by minimizing their operational cost. 

Our medical billing team is expert in handling any EHR/EMR or Practice Management software. This makes us straight away manage your billing processes without incurring any upfront cost. We will use your software, and start billing the same day.

Special Radiation Oncology Considerations

Insufficient knowledge of radiation oncology billing services can cause underpayments. In this way, these underpayments can cause considerable lack of revenues and profits to the healthcare providers. Sybrid MD is greatly skilled with numerous areas of radiation oncology, hence; deliver the accurate and appropriate radiation oncology billing services. Adding to it, our experts for radiation oncology coders have complete command over knowledge and experience with regards to coding for multiple areas of radiation oncology specialty.  Following mentioned are some of the main areas in which we have assisted in medical billing Radiation Oncology:

  • Contact x-ray Brachytherapy
  • External beam Radiation Therapy
  • Intraoperative Radiotherapy
  • Brachytherapy (closed source radiotherapy)
  • Systemic Radioisotope Therapy (Open source radiotherapy)
  • Deep Stimulation Breath-Hold

Billing Data Security

Data breaches are daily news, and cardiologists want to know that the billing service provider is properly protecting their practice data. We offer complete compliance strategies and 24-hour response to privacy crisis and concerns. We make sure that all of our practices are HIPAA-compliant and we keep our resources updated on latest developments.

Make Your Practice Profitable With Our Help

Sybrid MD combines the management of both the front desk and Medical Billing operations with healthcare technologies to reduce cost, increase revenue, and improve overall efficiencies of a cardiology practice which results in:

Up to 50% decrease in billing cost overhead
90% of receivables paid within 90 days
Up to 80% increase in patient satisfaction
Up to 30% increase in patient visit volume

Specialized Billing & Collections Staff

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Start your practice with our assistance without paying any setup charges or any cost other than our service fee. Sybrid MD's services are not software-dependent and we work seamlessly with all practice management tools. Contact Us or Request a Free Quote if you are interested in our Radiation Oncology Billing Services, our support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries for free.