Can Doctors Collect Deductibles Upfront? – Point-Of-Service Collections

Can doctors collect deductibles upfront Point-of-Service Collections

The exceeding medical expenses from the past few years have doubled the out-of-the-pocket incidentals for an average US citizen. This is why people are more inclined toward high-deductible health care plans with expectations of saving on monthly premiums and having maximum insurance benefits. On the other hand, these plans change eventually burdens their wallets when …

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Durable Medical Equipment Billing Guide for Medical Staff

Durable medical equipment billing guide for medical staff

The billing process of durable medical equipment involves intricacy. Due to the continuous changes in the billing process, it has also become laborious and time-consuming. This is why you need to adhere to a durable medical equipment billing guide to comply with the regulations and comprehend the nuances. Oftentimes, DME providers face numerous billing issues, …

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Billing Units Physical Therapy: A Complete Guide to The 8-Minute Rule!

Billing units physical therapy

For the physical therapy profession, it is essential to comprehend the complex process of rehabilitation billing procedures and practices regulated by the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). And for the same purpose, billing units physical therapy used in the procedures has crucial importance. Presently, there are over 44million individuals registered in Medicaid. And …

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Who Needs an NPI Number, and How to Get an NPI Number?

Who needs an NPI number, and how to get an NPI number A 2022 updated guide

When becoming a healthcare service provider, there are a number of steps that should be taken to ensure proper compliance while considering a variety of standards, such as insurance credentialing and HIPAA. However, taking all these steps is crucial to ensure as HIPAA compliance is a critical standard that can give you the smoothest reimbursement …

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Best Practices for Right Heart Catheterization: How To Care for Yourself?

Best practices for right heart catheterization How to care for yourself

Many cardiologists suggest performing tests like echocardiograms to diagnose and analyze pulmonary pressure or hypertension in a patient’s body. But the only accurate result generator is the right heart catheterization to measure pulmonary hypertension in the arterial junction. Right heart catheterization is performed by monitoring the pulmonary function of the patient and measuring the pulmonary …

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