Why it is Important to Improve Your Front Office

The front office is usually the busiest place throughout the practice. It is the place where a patient first interacts with the staff and ascertains a certain impression about your practice. The overall functioning and exterior of your front office is equally important as is the quality of care and clinical procedures. Although, clinicians invest heavily in the clinical equipment and technologies and clinical staff gets better perks and salaries than front desk workers. However, doing this simply degrades the value and reputation you would have earned if furnished your front office with proper technologies and human resources.

It is your front office staff that first receives your patients and visitors, schedule appointments, enter patient details in the system, collect payments, answer queries, manage phone calls and do a lot of other petty things that can directly impact the reputation of your practice. All this makes them the most important staff in your office because they play a pivotal role in whatever to follow. A minor mistake or negligence at the front office can hurt your business from man ends.

Information Delivery

It is of immense importance to training your front desk officers on how to properly communicate with the patients and convey the information that they are seeking. They can be trained by providing them with a set of most frequently asked questions and how to best answer those questions. The answers which should not only communicate the information but also should be precise and uttered in a courteous tone.

Handling Patient Information

The front office staff is responsible for entering and managing patients’ personal information. Sometimes, they are required to update clinical data as well, including laboratory reports and other electronic health records. Accuracy in the patient data and proper handling of the patients’ insurance at front desk increases revenue and minimizing the chances of payment denials.

Appointment Scheduling

If the appointments of the patients are properly managed, it can save a lot of time for the physicians to bring that time to maximum utilization. Mostly patients require follow-up appointments and only an expert front desk officer can guide them through the process.

Administrative Insight

Provide your front desk officers a thorough understanding of the clinical workflow and train them on how to manage different tasks even when those tasks do not come under their job responsibilities, their understanding would add up necessary knowledge required for a complete overview of the practice working. In this way, your front office staff would stay connected to each and every role across the practice

Insurance Information

Payments and co-payments are also mostly handled at the front desk. To avoid any errors or mistakes in that data, you should train your front desk officers on how to enter medical codes properly and manage the billing information. Checking patients’ insurance eligibility is one such important task that your front office should properly handle.

Healthcare Technologies

The front desk workers should be well versed in using the technologies around them. For instance, they should demonstrate a professional level of using these technologies, handling practice management systems and patient portal. SybridMD’s front office management team is skilled in handling patient scheduling, data entry and checking for patients’ insurance eligibility which decreases claim denial rate and significantly increases practice revenue. Get started with an Efficient Front Office today.