What Is Stark Law in Healthcare? What Are the Probable Penalties for Violating Stark Law?

What is Stark Law in healthcare What are the probable penalties for violating Stark Law

Healthcare services are mostly provided keeping the care of the patient in mind with fee-for-services-based structures. This means healthcare providers are obligated to care for the patient according to the predetermined set of rules for which they get paid. While Stark Law legislation was first determined in the late 1980s to record the physicians’ ethics …

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Electronic Data Interchange in Healthcare: What Is EDI in Healthcare and Why Does It Matter?

Electronic data interchange in healthcare What is EDI in healthcare and why does it matter

Industries nowadays are more into minimizing manual tasks and inclined towards handling them electronically which eventually saves time and resources. For this, EDI systems have been introduced. But often the question arises what is EDI in healthcare? The healthcare industry is now moving with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in managing piles of documents, data, …

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Why Should Healthcare Be Free? Here Are Some Free Healthcare Pros and Cons

Should healthcare be free

Healthcare just like food and clothing is one of the basic human needs. However, you have to pay for these basic needs. Recently, people are demanding that everyone should have access to quality healthcare regardless of their financial status, as a delay in medical treatment might put someone’s life at risk. However, the government is …

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Upper Cervical: What Constitutes Upper Cervical Chiropractic Danger?

upper cervical chiropractic dangerous

Just like physicians are worried about how faulty medical billing services can affect their profits or practices’ reputation – similarly, a lot of people are concerned about their necks when it comes to the safety of chiropractic care. The main reason behind the concern depends on many elements such as the aggressive manipulation regarding upper …

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Major Challenges of the Healthcare Industry in 2020


The healthcare industry is one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world. Challenges, such as rising costs, value-based care delivery, payment reforms, data security and transformation to smart healthcare technologies have engaged healthcare professionals in recent times and there is more to come in 2020. Technology is transforming healthcare at a faster pace, …

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Most Overlooked Tax Deductions For Doctors That Independent Contractors Must Know

The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is debatable, to say the least. Looking at the situation as a physician, at first glimpse, it seems as though physician independent contractor tax deductions would actually go up.  If you make money outside of your “regular” job, you will most likely have some related expenses that …

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