Simplifying Endocrinology Medical Billing For Your Practice

Endocrinology Medical Billing

Medical and healthcare coding is one of the common obstacles that keep practices away from getting timely reimbursements while affecting the revenue management cycle. Similarly, endocrinology medical billing is a critical component of any practice that offers endocrine services. Several aspects of endocrinology medical billing are there that every practice requires to ensure an accurate, … Read more

Why is it Necessary to follow Nephrology Billing and Coding Guidelines?

Nephrology Billing and Coding Guidelines

Ever since the ICD-10 codes have made their presence in the healthcare industry, it has become a compulsion to comply with the requirements. With their implications, complying with the nephrology billing and coding guidelines has become more specific and intricate when it comes to following them. In addition to ICD-10 nephrology billing and coding guidelines, … Read more

Gastroenterology Billing and Coding Guide – How to Bill for Medical Gastroenterology?

How To Bill For Medical Gastroenterology

With the ever-changing eating habits and lifestyle alternatives, people would have been exposed to too many digestive issues including acid reflux and food poisoning but they rarely visit a gastroenterologist for their condition in their lives. According to an estimation, around 66.4 million primary diagnoses of digestive diseases result each year in the United States … Read more

How can you keep up with the Cardiology Medical Billing Guidelines?

Cardiology Medical Billing Guidelines

Cardiology is one of the growing disciplines over the years. The advancement in treatments, medical procedures, diagnostic tools, and therapies for cardiology announced regularly has made it a complex field to go about. However, with these quick and rapid developmental changes in billing and coding, lacking behind to keep pace has become a common practice. … Read more

Understand CPT Codes for Orthopedic Medical Billing and Guidelines

Understand CPT Codes for orthopedic medical billing and guidelines

Like every medical practice, managing and running revenue management cycles smoothly are the essential functions of orthopedics and any other medical practice alike. By managing your billing practices effectively, revenue will continue to reach on time while minimizing delays and improving cash flow limitations. When it comes to orthopedic medical billing, orthopedic practitioners need to … Read more

Improving Billing and Coding Optometry Practice and Considerable CPT Codes for Claim Collection

Improving billing and coding optometry practice and considerable CPT codes for claim collection

No matter what practice you are associated with, billing and coding for the claims can be daunting and become challenging within no time. Similar goes with optometry, learning billing and coding optometry can take time and give you a toll if the differences aren’t learned about applicable copays for visits, valid fees for appointments, and … Read more

CPT Codes for Physical Therapy Evaluation: A Better Understanding of Billing and Coding Guidelines

CPT codes for physical therapy evaluation A Better Understanding of Billing and Coding Guidelines

For the past few years, the healthcare industry has been under continuous evaluation. Not just the regulations amended for insurance providers and healthcare providers but patients as well. People visit doctors for their tailored needs, however, visiting a physical therapist needs serious bodily pain, injury, or sprain. To reimburse the treatment, practitioners need to use … Read more

72 Hour Rule Implementation in Medical Billing

72 Hour Rule in Medicare Billing

To combat fraud related to the False Claims Act, “the Centers for Medicare” and “Medicaid Services (CMS)” implemented the three-day rule, also known as the “72-hour rule”. This rule requires that all outpatient diagnostic or some other medical services delivered within 72 hours of hospital admission be bundled and billed collectively rather than individually. This … Read more

What Is ERA in Medical Billing and How Beneficial It Is to Integrate ERA?

What is ERA in medical billing and how beneficial it is to integrate ERA

ERA stands for Electronic Remittance Advice and is used by means of electronic communication where the need for EOB Explanation of Benefits becomes negligible. But what is ERA in medical billing? Medical healthcare providers always wish to have claim acceptance in the first go. And it becomes essential for the providers to reduce/eliminate the recurring … Read more

What Is a Clearinghouse in Medical Billing? 6 Benefits of Using Clearinghouse

What is a clearinghouse in medical billing 6 benefits of using clearinghouse

A clearinghouse in medical billing reserves a special place in terms of clearing and forwarding reimbursement claims for practices and hospitals. As the process of reimbursing claims and providing financial security to healthcare providers are essential steps in medical billing, clearinghouses play a key role in the healthcare billing process which is undeniable. What is … Read more