How MIPS work and why it is important?

How MIPS Work

MIPS simple stands for the Merit-Based Incentive payment; it is a special and categorized system and set up to justify the scenario in the payment system of medical concerns. So the question comes to mind that How MIPS work? So it is a simple skill that is elaborately discussed in the article. The plan may …

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Why is hiring a trusted medical billing company a top trend nowadays?

Practice Management Solutions

Along with handling the medical obligations healthcare professionals manage administrative tasks and strive hard to stay updated with the billing/coding regulations as well. It seems a bit time-consuming and a challenging procedure. But don’t panic. There is a solution to every problem, hire a trusted medical billing company to streamline your billing operations and reduce …

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Avoid putting your practice’s reputation at stake and learn how to correct medical billing errors

how to correct medical billing errors

Medical billing errors are nothing short of a nuisance for practices, patients as well as healthcare organizations. Would you be willing to pay $100 extra after doing your grocery shopping exactly as per the list of things you have compiled? Certainly not! You would double-check the bill and see every item purchased to ensure that …

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How to find medical billing services near you?

find medical billing services

Physicians have to provide a high-quality healthcare service to cater the needs of their patients. Along with a busy schedule, physicians have to complete necessary administrative responsibilities as well – such as medical billing, coding, and credentialing. Physicians normally have two options either to outsource medical billing services, medical coding services and physician credentialing services to …

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Outsourcing Medical Billing Helps You Save Money


Medical Billing is one of the most time-consuming, tedious, and demanding tasks. Practitioners and physicians often get confused between keeping the medical billing in-house or outsourcing the billing function. Medical billing also requires you to spend a large amount of money no matter whether you outsource it or decide to keep it in-house. It is …

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How to Avoid Pass-Through Billing Traps


There are times when healthcare service providers used to indulge in pass-through billing, which is controversial. Pass-through bills are considered unethical and illegal because the healthcare providers or their staff request billing for a service that is not provided by them. The billing provider increases its profit by charging for a service that they did not perform. …

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How to Grow your Medical Billing Business?


Once you have set up your medical billing business, the next step is growth. Growth is necessary for any business to survive in the market and be successful. The same is the case with the medical billing business. Growing your medical billing business basically requires acquiring more customers. But how simple it is to attract …

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8 Challenges that Physicians are Facing in 2020


The world has been unfolded to many new challenges in the rise of a new decade. The year 2020 accompanied the world with some unparalleled and unpredictable challenges like global medical emergency caused by Covid-19. It was a threat to everyone in the world and resulted in a major increase in the burden on physicians. …

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