COB in Medical Billing: Rules for Insurance of Patients in Coordination of Benefits Explained

COB in medical billing Rules for Insurance of Patients in Coordination of Benefits Explained

The coordination of benefits is defined by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services as the process by which the patients are allowed to choose who is responsible for their financial medical liability or insurance. This means that through COB, CMS permits patients to have more than one payer or insurance provider. However, through COB, … Read more

Chiropractic Billing for Dummies: What Chiropractic Billers Need to Know?

Chiropractic billing for dummies What chiropractic billers need to know

Like any other practice, chiropractors also need to adhere to the important set of codes called CPT codes. AMA maintains chiropractic CPT codes – American Medical Association and is regularized by the CMS across the chiropractic providers. CPT codes are comprised of five alphanumeric typo scripts, that are used to evaluate, describe, and diagnose all … Read more

How Fake Medical Bill Scams Are Affecting the Healthcare Industry?

How Fake medical bill scams are affecting the healthcare industry

The medical industry has been affected by scams and fake medical bills for ages and till now there have been no easy solutions for the prevention of manipulation and tempering of such issues at the receiver’s end (i.e. hospitals and providers) or the processors’ end (i.e. insurance companies). The Healthcare industry needs a quick solution … Read more

The Difference Between GV vs GW Modifier: Learn when To Use Them

The difference between GV vs GW modifier - Learn when to use them

Medicare and Medicaid systems regularize a standardized process for allowing medical healthcare providers to facilitate healthcare, provision of medical services, billing and insurance, and almost every aspect included in the haircare industry. To make the process simple and steady, codes and modifiers are there that help medical providers at every level. Similarly, GV and GW … Read more

Billing for Urgent Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding when To Use Urgent Care Billing

Billing for urgent care A comprehensive guide to understanding when to use urgent care billing

As a practitioner, your practice is prospering while you have enough patients to treat and you’re managing your revenue cycle management solely. Besides, you work dedicatedly and hire other practitioners to cope with the additional burden of healthcare provision, but your profit margin is still not reaching the point where you have expected it to … Read more

Obgyn Medical Billing for Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice in The Healthcare Sector

Obgyn medical billing for Obstetrics and gynecology practice in the healthcare sector

With so many complexes and complicated medical billing and coding, practice along with OB/GYN practices have always been navigating through guidelines and requirements of general 2010 OB/GYNS. According to a survey, OB/GYNS make up 5% of the total number of physicians in the United States. In the same year, there were 3000 OB/GYNS serving around … Read more