How to strengthen the Backbone of your Medical Billing Company

strengthen the Backbone of your Medical Billing Company

The mechanism of strengthening a medical billing process means dealing with the complex revenue cycle and keeping adding the latest automotive tools to the process. With the associated complexities, it becomes even more challenging to coordinate with the internal practice flow, meet client demands, and process external pressure. This is why medical billing companies need … Read more

Avoid Putting Your Practice’s Reputation at Stake and Learn how To Correct Medical Billing Errors

how to correct medical billing errors

Medical billing errors are nothing short of a nuisance for practices, patients as well as healthcare organizations. Would you be willing to pay $100 extra after doing your grocery shopping exactly as per the list of things you have compiled? Certainly not! You would double-check the bill and see every item purchased to ensure that … Read more

How to Find Medical Billing Services Near Me?

find medical billing services

Physicians have to provide high-quality healthcare services to cater to the needs of their patients. Along with a busy schedule, physicians have to complete necessary administrative responsibilities as well – such as medical billing, coding, and credentialing. Physicians normally have two options either to outsource medical billing services, medical coding services, and physician credentialing services … Read more

How to Avoid Pass-Through Billing Traps: A 2022 Useful Guide!


Pass through billing occurs between a reference laboratory and a physician practice that enables the physician practice to send specimens to the reference laboratory for testing, pay directly to the reference laboratory, and then bill the patient or the insurance company for the medical test typically at a higher fee. The billing provider increases its … Read more

7 Things You Should Consider when Starting or Selecting a Medical Billing Company


To take care of the non-medical obligations that your practice is facing, selecting the right medical billing company is vital. It is what will help it to divide the responsibilities in a way that does not create issues for the practice. These medical billing companies aim to reduce the overhead of the practice. This is possible … Read more

Independent Practice and Its Top Challenges in 2022: What to Look For?

The Top Challenges That Independent Practices Are Facing In 2020

Independent practices make up a major part of the American healthcare system. Undoubtedly, people are more influenced by these independent practices as they are relatively inexpensive and ensure better care than larger healthcare organizations and hospitals. Moreover, these practices have won patients’ trust by adding to their convenience as they provide low-beneficiary costs and are … Read more

Unethical and Fraudulent Medical Billing Practices Are Costing Billions

Unethical and fraudulent medical billing practices are costing billions

Last year over 600 individuals were charged for healthcare fraud schemes in the United States involving over $900 million in false and unethical medical billing practices. There is no end to it, every year a huge number of medical practitioners are accused of healthcare frauds worth billions. Basically, frauds in the health care industry are … Read more