Tips on How to Reduce Days in Patient Accounts Receivable by Outsourcing the Process

How to reduce days in patient accounts receivable by outsourcing the process

In medical and Healthcare field, the decline of refunds, rise in deductibles of patients as well as rise in the expenses of operation is increasing the gap between the investment and the returns. The filing procedure and following up on the claims for insurance is getting serious for hospitals and for medical professionals. Outsourcing the … Read more

Accounts Receivable (AR) Follow Up and Denial Management for Practices

ar denial management

Accounts receivable and claims denial management systems are crucial to the profitability of the revenue cycle. When it comes to a company’s financial health, it is these revenue cycle operations that make all the difference. It doesn’t matter whether you outsource all or just a portion of your revenue cycle management operations, you can be … Read more

7 Tips on Collecting Copays and Deductibles from Patients

How to Collect Patient deductibles

Only medical practitioners know how challenging it is to manage and run the revenue management cycle successfully. The major part which hinders the revenue growth is collecting copays and deductibles from patients. But many times when physicians don’t know exactly about its collection they often found asking can doctors collect deductibles up front. And due … Read more

Key Steps of Medical Billing and Collection Process

Medical Billing and collection Process

In this fast-paced world, everything comes with a price tag. You cannot deny the importance of finances whether it is business, healthcare, or even day-to-day chores. Medical billing is the financial aspect of healthcare services and procedures. The collection process in medical billing is one of the most vital parts of the billing and it … Read more

How to Determine Medical Billing Services Fees Rates and Quotes

medical billing services fees

Medical Billing Services Fees is basically the revenue of a physician that is dependent on the reimbursements of their medical bills. This is why, almost all practices, small or large; give immense importance to the efficient management of their finances, medical billing, account receivables, and overall revenue cycle management. Medical billing is a specialized field … Read more