How Insurance Billing for Massage Therapists Can Be Performed Under the 97124 CPT Code?

How Insurance billing for massage therapists can be performed under CPT

Accurate billing has been one of the essential parts of optimized practice management. The importance of using standard codes cannot be overstated. Oftentimes when your practice is performing at its best, you don’t want to get stuck in the billing ventures that may delay the RCM. Particularly, one of the coding and billing sides in … Read more

Obgyn Medical Billing for Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice in The Healthcare Sector

Obgyn medical billing for Obstetrics and gynecology practice in the healthcare sector

With so many complexes and complicated medical billing and coding, practice along with OB/GYN practices have always been navigating through guidelines and requirements of general 2010 OB/GYNS. According to a survey, OB/GYNS make up 5% of the total number of physicians in the United States. In the same year, there were 3000 OB/GYNS serving around … Read more

Why It Is Important to Improve Nephrology Medical Billing and Coding?

Why it is important to improve nephrology medical billing and coding

Since the implementation of ICD-10 has become mandatory in nephrology medical billing, the need for coding has been significantly raised with a higher number of specificities in the past few years. In addition, the additional and continuous evolution in medical coding made nephrology medical billing and coding more intricate to adhere to. Besides these changes, … Read more

41800 CPT code description – Managing Surgical Procedures on the Dentoalveolar Structures

Why is it important to handle accurate dental coding and billing

Like any other medical practice, do you know that dentistry has also been affected by the complex dental coding and billing process? The complexity lies in the ability of coding procedures in order to have proper reimbursements. To get a clear understanding of dental coding which is often intricate and critical most of the time, … Read more

What Does RVU Meaning in The Medical Industry and How Does It Work?

What does RVU meaning in the medical industry and how does it work

In the healthcare sector, the medical billing, insurance companies or patients submit claims to assist in the process of reimbursement. This reimbursement is dependent on RVUs which is an abbreviation used for relative value units. It is also critical to Medicaid, Medicare and commercial health insurance reimbursements. In this bill, the physicians or hospitals add … Read more

Tools Used for Medical Billing: Discover Behavioral and Psychiatry Medical Billing

Tools used for Medical Billing Discover behavioral and psychiatry medical billing

The behavioral and psychiatry medical billing and mental health field are not similar to any other medical field. However, analysis and diagnosis surrounding mental illness and treatment are more delicate and complex to understand. While the process is more crucial when it comes to the overall health of the patient. Because of the intricacies involved … Read more

DME Claims: What They Are and How to File Them?

Durable medical equipment billing guide for medical staff

The billing process of durable medical equipment involves intricacy. Due to the continuous changes in the billing process, it has also become laborious and time-consuming. This is why you need to adhere to a durable medical equipment billing guide to comply with the regulations and comprehend the nuances. Oftentimes, DME providers face numerous billing issues, … Read more

Billing Units Physical Therapy: A Complete Guide to Medicare Rule of 8

Billing units physical therapy

For the physical therapy profession, it is essential to comprehend the complex process of rehabilitation billing procedures and practices regulated by the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). And for the same purpose, billing units physical therapy used in the procedures has crucial importance. Presently, there are over 44million individuals registered in Medicaid. And … Read more