All the top Electronic Health Record vendors of 2021

Electronic health records, which are also called EHRs, are now an important part of every physician practicing and also a basic pillar for the entire healthcare system. EHR is an electronic or digital form of the traditional paper chart that records the health of the patient. More importantly, it is a real-time health maintenance system that is liable to manage the longitudinal health and the communication of the patient enabling much potent and secure transmission of the health information.

As there are a lot of benefits of electronic health records, it is getting more evident to medical providers and physicians. A great deal of potential and impressive companies have gotten a part of the HER industry and offer top-level services in the electronic health care delivery, deployment and development. Each of the vendors are providing excellence.

However, this makes it difficult for the hospital or healthcare centers to choose the best HER vendor. But here we got you covered. This is the article that mentioned all the top electronic health record vendors of recent times. Following this, you can choose the one best suitable for you.


Allscripts is a trade provided that is public. It is for HER, practice management, and financial management systems for the small to medium size healthcare centers and physicians practices. The products of Allscripts cover most of the parts of clinical care that include, surgery, emergency department, anesthesia, population health and a lot more.

Allscripts Sunrise is the product line particularly for the larger organization and the ambulatory practices. However, the vendor offered Paragon that is for smaller healthcare networks and certain community clinics. The products of this vendor are mostly highly rated by the users.


Athenahealth is a publicly traded newcomer relative to the IT space healthcare. The main focus of this vendor is cloud-based solutions. They provided the larger medical care system and ambulatory practices with athenaClinicals and athenaOne. Their core focus while working with their clients is to analyze getting proactive to several points of data from the software for resolving or preventing any issue in physician compliance, billing, and regulatory compliance. Thus, it is helpful for medical billing services too. Their particular focus is to help the organizations in reducing their accounts receivable days and clearly understand the price incorporated with the therapies and procedure.

Cerner Corporation

This EHR vendor is also publicly traded and one of the largest health IT vendors. They are known for making enterprise levels of clinical application for all the healthcare areas that include clinics, hospitals, labs, primary care, etc. The products of this vendor have mixed reviews from the users and it also had a few high-profile implementation failures that ended up with lawsuits from the hospital organization claiming that their items are quite harmful to the patients.

However, in 2014 they got acquisition of Siemens Health System for approximately 1.3 billion dollars. One year later. In 2015, they also won a $4.3 billion contract that was with the department of defense to apply proficient system-wide health records. Again after two years, they won a $10 billion bid for VA. So this gets all their negative reviews removed and now they are a part of all the top electronic health record vendors.

top vendors


DrChrono is simply an HER solution that is based on the web and cloud. It is for practicing all sizes of specialties whether they are big or small. It is based in Sunnyvale, California and was initiated in the year 2009. Their core focus is on improving workflows and reducing administrative tasks in practice. Recently in 2020, they got $20 million growth raised via ORIX Growth Capital.

Epic Systems

Epic is a privately held EHR vendor that does not acquire any other companies within. Also, it does not do a lot of marketing in comparison to its peers. They always get a big portion of profits into their backs for product development. They are highly reputed because of their swift response to clients and quick fixation to issues. The entire user community of the Epic system is greatly motivated and vested that now it is labeled with cult-like references.

GE Healthcare

This is a result of a huge industry conglomerate. GEHE has a big range of products for most of the areas of the healthcare system. The vendor has a good long history with ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, and several other radiology-related stuff and software. This is the struggling vendor in the healthcare industry due to its beginning lags.

Greenway Health

Greenway is another privately held vendor for the provision of clinical solutions for practice management, revenue cycle management, and clinical documentation. Actually, this one is a bit of a mash-up of various different firms that are around for a bit of time. Also, they have a great range of products with different specialties that include urgent care and dental records.


Kareo is simply an EHR based on cloud providing practice management and revenue cycle for all the small medical practices. They are a privately held vendor that is based in Irvine, California. In the year 2012, they acquired a billing company that is ECCO health. Their 2015 revenue was $56 million.

Final words

There are a great number of EHR vendors out there. It is all up to you which one you choose according to their years of revenue, user community reviews, and the price they demand. Always make sure to know what you need alongside its quality and the budget you can afford. This way you can get the best suitable vendor of EHR for you.