Disrupting EHR Market Trends and How We Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Frustrated physicians, hospitals switching EMR vendors, ransomware attacks and cyber breaches, IT staff shortages and Trump leadership are some of the top trends today that are going to set the future of healthcare for years to come (Market report). The report is also an eye-opener for EHR vendors to realign their market strategy and shifting their focus to providing a more physician friendly technologies than by simply expanding their market share. The EHR market has massively expanded in the last few years, allowing a number of major Healthcare IT vendors to sell their systems like hot cakes along with hundreds of small entrants to provide a number of healthcare products to a fast growing market. The growth was further fueled by the government based incentive programs and payments. However, today market has reached a maturity point where healthcare technology providers should focus on shedding the negative perception prevailing about the burdensome use of EHR and EMR systems. Some of the major disruptive changes affecting the industry today and how Sybrid MD has emerged as a savior for its clients.

Dissatisfied Physicians

Physicians ‘dissatisfaction over the productive use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems has been echoing for a long time now. One of the major causes of this dissatisfaction is the increased administrative burden that comes to play when using an EHR system for a complete clinical workflow. The disgruntle intensifies when a time consuming new technology eats up major span of booked time slot, disallowing physicians to provide a patient-focused care because entering even the minutest of the details in an EHR system requires time and attention of the physician in front of a computer screen than by interacting with a patient. Sybrid MD has facilitated its clients by providing them with a team of veteran experts who can manage any EHR system for physician practices and sets them free to focus on delivering quality care with EHR outsourcing.

IT Staff Shortages

There is no doubt about the benefits of such healthcare technologies and how the EHR systems are transforming the way health care services were delivered. It’s bringing accuracy and reducing the risks of man-made errors. However, all this transformation comes with a price: the cost of a skilled workforce that is becoming scarce due to immense demand in the market. Traditionally, physician practices require fewer staff skilled in IT; however, managing a computer-based workflow requires IT staff, data entry operators and maintenance staff. Recruiting staff with relatively higher wages and spending on their training every now and then is adding additional burden on the operational budget of small and medium size practices. Sybrid MD has simplified this core issue faced by thousands of physician practices by providing them with an outsourced Electronic Health Records management workforce that works as their team.

Ransomware Attacks and Cyber Breaches

One of the major threats to an EHR based system is the security of the healthcare data. It’s much easier to steal millions of records in USB drive then it used to when paper-based patient records were filed and stored in racks. There are security measures and compliance requirements by HIPAA that is for sure working emphatically to educate physicians on how to ensure the safety of healthcare records. However, thousands of data breaches in the past few years have taught us that a simple compliance to rules is not enough to stop this. Sybrid MD has designed a mechanism of protecting vital data of its clients by implementing a multilayered cyber security system. Our sophisticated data security comes with no additional cost for our clients when it is bundled free of cost with all our services offering healthcare IT outsourcing.

Switching EHR Vendors

Hospitals and healthcare providers are switching their EHR systems in greater frequency than before. There are many reasons for it, a few we have already mentioned here that due to untrained staff and less expertise with the handling of EHR systems are causing problems which have mistakenly given an impression that there is something wrong with the technology, not the operators. However, team Sybrid MD has changed this impression working for clients with different EHR systems. Our services are not software dependent; just let us know of what EHR system your practice is using and start reaping the benefits of EHR outsourcing. Book a Free Consultation Session today and let us transform the way you practice.