5 RCM Trends that will define 2020 for Medical Practices

Every year there are some rules and regulations set by the medical practices to achieve two goals. Firstly to provide remarkable health care services and secondly to maximize the profits. With technological advancement and digitalization in every field, medical science is also keeping pace, by innovating services with modern technology. Introduction of Revenue Cycle Management services in the medical and healthcare industry fulfills its two basic goals efficiently.

These services provide their customers with the ease of carrying out efficient administrative tasks along with the satisfaction of patients. There are different trends each year that allows medical practices to innovate and remain updated for the betterment of their practice and patients. Some of the RCM trends that medical practices are to see in 2020 are as follows:

Price Transparency and Quality Care

Patients have always been demanding transparency of their payment details while availing healthcare services as this industry led to the path of consumerism and profit-maximizing. Hidden costs and procedures always hinder people from availing of this important service without fearing a hole in their pocket. It has always been a goal of the medical industry to provide the patients with quality services without having them worry about unbearable expenses. This long-sought-after goal has now been achieved as there will be information available publicly about the quality and prices of the medical treatment.

Complete transparency will ease the patients from the stress of seeing hidden charges on their bills after availing the services of medical practices. This trend, on one hand, is expected to increase patient satisfaction but on the other hand, it is likely for medical practices to raise their costs they are required to make the details public. Moreover, not losing quality with the challenges of management and billing is also very important. Providing quality care despite all the RCM challenges will be the top-most priority of the medical practices.

Latest Financing Opportunities

Medical bill payments take a toll on patients even after their medical procedures are being done. Due to heavy medical bills, patients struggle to pay their bills and are resorted to taking loans to clear off their medical debts. Due to this issue, medical practices at various steps face the problem of unsteady cash flow and delays in payments. High deductible Health Plans leave both patients and medical practices in a disadvantaged position. Even the elective surgery centers have to resort to delayed and unsteady cash influx.

Due to these problems, the need for new financing opportunities increases so that patients can pay their medical bills and make a steady payment schedule. New trends see the latest financing services that help patients making upfront payments and clearing their medical debts rather than dragging it to back end payments like traditional payment options. These updated financing options provide the patients with the opportunity of paying their bills at their timetables so that steady cash flow is maintained. It makes both the medical service provider and the patient better off.

Staffing Needs

To keep up with the latest administrative and management trends, it is important to keep in view the requirements of the staff. The same traditional staff may not be well acquainted with the latest billing and coding trends those medical practices in 2020 need. It is always a better option to rely on outsourcing RCM services so that the excess load of questing for the right staff is alleviated. It not only reduces the burden on medical practices but also increases the efficiency of its services.

Cost Reduction Plans

There is no surprise that insurance providers will look for ways of reducing their payments. They will employ strategies to reduce their costs and expenses. To avoid any negative impact of their insurer’s efforts, providers need to review their documentation and applications. Not only this they will need to review their applications that are subjected to higher reimbursements. Automating their processes and cutting down on their paperwork will also help them avoid the negative changes of their insurance providers. Negotiations and reviewing their contracts with their insurance providers also increase the chance of reimbursements.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is going to be a new trend of 2020 and undoubtedly it has far-reaching importance in RCM services. it allows the providers to get significant information on its revenue cycle management. It works by comparing the payment trends of the past and predict the cash flow of a particular month. Optimal RCM helps the staff to target specific claims that can generate more cash flow and increases productivity.

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