How Can a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain Help in Relieving Spinal Sprains?

Whether you are working while sitting all day long or riding all day, back pain is something that would be waiting for you lurking behind the dark. As soon as you lie down on your couch/bed, it hits you like a rock. According to a report, 65 million American adults experience an episode of back pain. Adult consults a chiropractor for lower back pain when it gets severe as the costly treatments for back pain keep them from taking prompt medical care.

Contributing factors to lower back pain can be many but believe it or not, chiropractic care is the only solution that can help resolve the issue. It includes manual or spinal manipulation, self-care recommendations, and exercises. Different researches have proved that spinal manipulation is a function that helps improve lower back pain.  Here’s how a chiropractor for lower back pain can improve your living.

What kind of treatment does a chiropractor for lower back pain provide?

The back pain can be severe and it can be a result of any spinal cord injury (not necessarily). The pain can be in the lumbar spine (low back), the thoracic spine (upper back), and the cervical spine (the neck). As back pain is the most common issue not only in the United States but all over the world, the reasons can be muscle spasms and disc problems.

What kind of treatment does a chiropractor for lower back pain provide

Many times when someone experiences back pain they also suffer from nausea, headache, and arm or leg pain. An expert chiropractor knows the pressure points and treats the special parts of the body, which trigger these pains due to neck or spinal pain. Other parts of the body are affected by spinal pain when there’s an injury that transfers the pain to other parts. Chiropractors focus on spine work on shoulders and knee injuries to reduce the pain and suggest exercises to help release the pain.

When do you need a chiropractor?

As mentioned, chiropractors focus on the spine and help relieve patients from back pain. Oftentimes, people try to adopt the conservative approaches and receive the offers that chiropractors provide first. However, it is also recommended by the clinical guidelines that physicians would identify what treatment is needed and for what purpose.

Therefore, before receiving any surgery or injections for your back pain, you should always consider a chiropractor, acupuncture, or physical therapy that may release the pain more quickly than medications. This is why oftentimes, back pains are resolved by therapies quickly.

How successful is chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is quite common in the US as over 22 million Americans have received chiropractic care annually. Above 35% of them hope to have complete relief from their back pain issue.

Not just chiropractic effective in back pain, but there are many other health issues including;

  • Whiplash
  • Arm and leg pain
  • Migraine and Headache
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Neck pain, shoulder, and upper back pain

Chiropractic therapy helps in relieving tension and stress along with pains. It is also found effective in boosting the immune system. This is why not only patients with back pain but many people who do not experience chronic pain visit chiropractors. Through chiropractic therapy, the energy is freely transferred to the other parts of the body.

When do you need a chiropractor

At first, it seems like the chiropractor is cracking your limbs, bones, and spine. The moving spine also helps in relieving pain from other parts of the body as chiropractic influences the whole inner function of the body. Once you start taking chiropractic therapy, you will feel an amazing change in your overall well-being.

Chronic vs acute spinal pain

Once you start to experience pain in your back, there could be two types, chronic or acute. Chronic back pain most of the time results from diseases such as cancer, arthritis, autoimmune disease, and neuropathy. Chronic back pain lasts for six months and acute back pain results after a slip or fall accident, after lifting a heavy object, muscle pull, getting tackled on a game with your friends, etc.

Acute backaches are more like temporary pains that do not last a week if properly treated. Acute pain can also be addressed through chiropractic care, massage, electrical stimulation, aqua therapy, physical therapy, and cold or hot therapies.

People think most of the time that they need to do as much rest as possible whether they are having acute or chronic back pain. But to be realistic, this is not a good approach to treating your pain. In fact, it might elongate the time in which you could do some exercise and give your muscles a good punch. It might be tempting to relax on your lounge bed but it would definitely do more harm to your pain rather than heal it.

It also needs to understand that OTC pain removers, analgesics, and muscle relaxants, will only mask the pain, not treat them permanently.

Treating back pain with the right adjustments

There can be many types of pain that a person can experience in the lower back region. This includes stabbing pain, burning sensation, persistent dull ache, and spasms. The type of pain depends on the reason whether the muscle has gone through an injury, or whether an injury has affected tendons, joints, nerves, or hurt tissue.

Chronic vs acute spinal pain

Another kind of pain that a person may experience in the lumbar region is stiffness which limits mobility. When this happens, the body hurts even moving a single part of the region/body.

Here a chiropractor has a double duty of relieving pain and reducing stiffness and acute pain. Due to a range of techniques and practices, they work for the underlying problems as well. In other words, contacting a chiropractor would be the only solution when you’re suffering from back pain.


Most insurance providers cover chiropractic care in their health plans. So even if the chiropractic care is costly, you must get your back pain issues resolved and have the necessary adjustments.