How to Manage Physical Therapy School Costs? 5 Cheapest Physical Therapy Schools

physical therapy school costs

Physical therapy is becoming a new trend and many youngsters want to pursue it as a career. Well, if you are also here to find out about how to get started with your professional education to become a physical therapist, then read on.

Before we tell you anything about the best and cheapest pt schools you can apply to; let us warn you, medical studies are really expensive. Therefore, other than your finances, you will need extra financial assistance. Read below to crack how to incur cheapest physical therapy schools costs without burdening yourself or your parents.

How to get physical therapy school paid for?

Get a scholarship, fellowship, or need-based financial assistance

American educational system is considered one of the best around the globe. Moreover, educational institutions in the US also provide financial assistance to deserving students in multiple forms. Many colleges and medical schools provide scholarship or fellowship programs to ensure that those who are passionate about the field. However, to get information regarding such financial assistance options, you will have to contact the institution, to which you are looking forward to applying.

Apply for federal loans

By any chance, if you don’t get shortlisted for a scholarship or the amount of the scholarship is not sufficient, you can also apply for federal student loans. These loans are low-interest loans and the repayment begins after you complete your studies.

To apply for it, you will have to fill a free application form for Federal Student Aid. Apart from that, you can also request FASA to consider your application for a scholarship, if available.

The above two options are open for all the students. However, if you are one of those who want to switch to the physical therapy field, then you can get further financial assistance from the place you are currently working.

Ask for employee reimbursement

Many firms sponsor their employees by paying their tuition under employment tuition programs. However, you will have to check if this benefit is available at the place where you are employed currently.

Moreover, if you are a veteran, an active military member, or are one of the family members of either one, you may get special discounts on your tuition.

Colleges policy for veterans, active military members, and their families

Many educational institutions have separate beneficial assistantship programs for retired / active military member or their family members. So, before you apply, checkout with the college if they have any policy like this.

All in all, we have explained how you can afford physical therapy school costs. Now let’s see the top colleges offering the programs that you should opt for. Check out the list below.

physical therapy school

Cheapest pt schools with affordable tuition

The University of California

According to the World Report’s Best Physical Therapy Program rankings, the University of California, San Francisco is under top 20s. Not only this, but it has affordable tuition as well, which is approximately $33,600 annually. Apart from this, the university offers a three-year degree for Doctor of Physical Therapy for a total of 115 credit hours. Moreover, its degree is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

Texas Woman’s University

Don’t think this university is for women only as the institution doesn’t discriminate on the basis of gender. Moreover, the 33-month long degree in Physical Therapy at Texas Woman’s University is an amazing choice. It is accredited by CAPTE and holds 28th position in the world. The reason we are recommending this university is that it also offers a fast track option from DPT to Phd.

This institute prepares you for the field at the most affordable cost of $35,700 for in-state students and $74,400 for non-resident students. Apart from that, you can choose either Dallas Campus or Houston Campus as they provide the program at both campuses.

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

The University of Oklahoma is another great choice to get a Doctor Of Physical Therapy degree. It prepares you for the field by giving you courses like rehabilitation sciences, differential diagnosis, pathology, clinical education, and more.

Moreover, it is also credited by CAPTE and is as affordable as $37,800 per year. As far as the rankings are concerned, it ranks as the 44th best physical therapy institution in the list of World Report’s Best Physical Therapy Programs.

Virginia Commonwealth University – Schools Of Allied Professions

Among the 20 best physical therapy schools announced by World Report and US News, the program of Virginia Commonwealth University is one of them. It is accredited by CAPTE. During this 121-credit-hour program, you will learn multiple things related to your profession including kinesiology, anatomy, rehabilitation aspects, and pharmacology. Other than this, you have a chance to complete your degree by continuing your clinical education at any of the 210 clinics around the US.

However, the tuition for this university is a bit high at $ 44,940, but we still consider it an affordable university because it has many scholarship opportunities, which will lower the physical therapy school costs for sure.

College Of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Illinois

After completing your 8-semester-long entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, you will be able to assist a wide range of clientele including adults, pediatrics, and geriatrics. Moreover, the University of Illinois flexes with a 97.7% passing rate on physical therapy national board exams. Other than this, it also has accreditation from CAPTE.

Although the fee of $45,920 for in-state students and $94,880 for out-of-state students may seem a bit high, it is nothing compared to its reputation. Moreover, you can always reduce your tuition cost and make it affordable through the above-mentioned options.

Bottom line

Above we have explained to you how to find best physical therapy schools and manage your physical therapy school costs. Moreover, we also gave you the names of the top 5 universities across the US, which are not only credible but are affordable as well. Now you can make an informed decision as to where you want to go.