How Is a Stress Echocardiogram Different from A Stress Test?

Not only a healthy body but a healthy heart is also important for a healthy life. According to an estimation, over 30 million Americans suffer from heart diseases. A condition that people live with is compromised heart health.

Heart disease is a common health condition but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your health and live with it. There might be several reasons after which a person might begin experiencing heart problems. To improve your heart health, it is important to determine the proper treatment like stress echocardiogram and diagnosis to curtail the severe symptoms of the disease timely. Therefore, the first step in altering your heart health is to determine what treatment you should get and from where.

There might be several cardiovascular physicians that will take you through comprehensive treatment. Although stress echocardiogram and stress test are two main cardiovascular tests to determine the status of the disease. But does providing a stress echocardiogram or stress test make a difference? What is the core difference between both terms?

What is an echocardiogram?

What is an echocardiogram

A procedure that contains an echocardiogram is a kind of ultrasound that evaluates the health condition of your heart. These kinds of tests are noninvasive tests, which are applied with the help of harmless sound waves. These sound waves create images of the organ and help identify doctors with the problem. The stress echocardiogram is suggested for a number of reasons. This includes:

  • Diagnostics of heart diseases
  • Diagnosing genital heart disease
  • Determining the health status of the valves and the chambers of the heart.

Also, if you have been suffering from heart disease, then it is possible that you may be having an echocardiogram test as a part of your checkup routine. This test is often used to see how well the prescribed medication is performing and the effects of the last treatment on the body.

There are no special requirements for an echocardiogram test. You do not need to be starving for several hours. When your test is scheduled, just reach on time and lie down on the examination bed so the ultrasound can be performed.

The test would take around forty minutes to complete. The technician would use the transducer along with the solution to move around your chest and take the images of your heart. The ultrasound test is not at all painful or you are not given medication for numbness. Therefore, you will be released just after the test is completed.

How is the stress test performed?

How is the stress test performed

The stress test – as the name depicts, is performed to measure the health of a heart while under physical pressure. It is often referred to as an exercise test as it involves an exercise in order to increase the heart rate.

Stress tests are beneficial to determine the conditions of diseases related to coronary arteries and arrhythmias. They are a type of irregular heartbeats. Stress tests are done to manage the stress rate of a heartbeat when you are diagnosed with an irregular cardiac condition.

It is a regular monitoring test that is performed in a hospital facility. As it is an exercise test to monitor heart rate by putting physical pressure on the heart. You should avoid nicotine, caffeine, and certain types of medication until the test is performed. For a stress test, you should have all the information before your test. Experts recommend starving or fasting when your stress test is scheduled.

When there’s a stress test, your doctor will attach electrodes to your arms and legs and place a blood pressure monitor pad after monitoring your heartbeat and lungs. Then you will be told to walk on the treadmill or you may be told to ride a bicycle at a slower pace first. The team of professionals will see how your heartbeat changes while performing exercise and increasing physical pressure.

At any point of the test, if you feel shortness of breath, chest pain, or any other symptoms, you should tell the team without moving bearing with it. There is no need to have sedatives after your test. You will be directed about the test and treatment before releasing

What is a stress echocardiogram?

What is a stress echocardiogram

Stress tests, which are often referred to as ‘stress echocardiogram’ are also done when there is a need of seeing images while or after a patient exercise. First, it is performed when the heart is at rest. Second, it is performed once the patient completes the exercise to monitor the heart rate after physical pressure when it is beating at a high rate.

If you are having heart problems, it is mandatory to see your physician and get yourself tested with either a stress test or a stress echocardiogram.