Registering Methods with the License Inquiry System of Texas

Getting a medical license to practice in the state of Texas is more challenging than in any other place on earth. The procedure behind the licensing process is a headache to some extent that often discourages the weary.

As said many other states in the United States have a one-way simple process as compared to Texas. But to get into the Texas medical licensure list, there is a two-step process that normally takes months to complete and a lot of documentation.

Having prior knowledge of attaining a Texas license through the License Inquiry System Of Texas will make it easier to get into your practice smoothly. Stick till the end to navigate the process of obtaining a Texas medical license especially when you have just stepped into practice.

Registering with the Texas medical licensure list

What is the Texas medical licensure list? LIST is actually an acronym for License Inquiry System of Texas. It is an electronic system managed by the Texas Medical Board.

The board uses this electronic system to communicate with the physician applicants and the licensing committee. Once you decide to apply for the licensing you need to make an account on the list. For this, you need to register and create an account. A username and password will be provided to you to log in every time you need to communicate, know the status of your application, or just simply log in to the list.

Registering with the Texas medical licensure list

You can also find out if the board needs anything else to process our application. Everything is processed online and through the LIST portal. So, you can easily make sure that your application process is progressing at the best possible speed as it should be.

When the board is processing your application, you need to be empathetic and patient. Avoid asking the same question all over again if you don’t get the answer later. This will take a longer time in processing your application. This is because the Texas board takes 3-4 business days to answer many of the applicants’ questions.

Documents needed for Pre-licensure

Once you have signed up to the LIST and received the login and account information, the next step is to fill out the online application. This licensure application has 23 pages of multiple information forms.

So it won’t be a quick way out. The application completion may take a couple of hours complete. The forms will also require an extensive amount of information, dates, and accreditation. Have a look at the following elements to add to your application.

Training and work History

The application forms will require you to fill in the information about any post-graduation degree or certification you have or a professional affiliation you have in the past five years.

If you haven’t been associated with any professional affiliation, then the Texas Board will want professional sources to check your background work history. You will want to fill in all the required details of the training and work history you added to the application. With this, the board will identify the working and educating gaps.

Professional History

After the work and training history, the Texas board will want to know your criminal background, any malpractice history, and past disciplinary action you may have in your records.

You need to provide honest answers to every question as they will perform screening of the given information with FBI DBs and the Texas Department of Public safety.

On the other hand, if you say YES to any of the sections in this form, you have to explain the circumstances and the duration of conviction if you are found guilty and are also required to fill out some other forms requiring some other detailed information.

Mental and Physical Health

This section in the online application will require you to fill out your mental health status. Answer questions regarding the disorders, addictions, and your neurological condition.

The Board may require you to submit the medical records to accept the information you provide. The medical records will identify the level of disability or impairment that you may have.

Mental and Physical health

And then again, if you say yes to any of the questions, you need to show how you are dealing with this disorder/addition/impairment.

Education History

In this section of the application form, you need to provide the details of the education you received, the degree you have been awarded, any internship you completed, and certifications that you hold. Here, you will have the option of an additional exam that you might have taken as a doctorate like FLEX, USMLE, or NBME.

Attestation, Pay, and Proceed

Once you put in all the information in the application and are satisfied with it, then you have to sign the attestation that all the information and details you have provided are correct and you agree with the terms of the application.

Lastly, you have to pay a total amount of $817 for the licensing fee in Texas. Before you apply for Licensure in Texas, make sure that you are eligible to get the license to work in Texas. Not everyone wants to swoop down the amount of $817 knowing that they are not eligible for the license. As said, getting a license in Texas is complicated and costly. There are many things to consider when you are beginning the application process. Later, it is discussed what is the next step, if your application gets accepted.

Cost of Licensure

If you have gathered the application fees and it was accepted, then be prepared, there are other expenses to come.

After the registration fees of $817, there’s a license fee that you can choose to pay for one or two years, where the fees will be $288.90 or $474.90, depending on the field of practice.

In addition to the registration and application fees, you also have to pay the Jurisprudence Exam fee – $34, Fingerprinting with Identogo: $38.25, and ML criminal history check: $100. Plus, some documentation submission will also cost you as well.

Finally, $4 and FCVS charges of $375 are also in the loss for additional exam fees. Thus, the total amount for licensure in Texas is $1,657.15 annually. Want to get the license for two years?  Add the additional $186 to the total amount.

Ending note

Now you have done your part of the registration and submission of the documents. As long as you are honest with the process, you now just have to wait for the good news from the Medical Board of Texas. In case of queries regarding your application, you can use Texas medical licensure LIST application and join forums to know more about the licensing in Texas.