An A-Z guide for starting a medical billing business and how to get clients

Medical billing, a followed practice in the United States, refers to the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance corporations to receive a payment for various services given by the health care professionals to their clients. Simply put, medical billers convert a health-related service into a billing claim. If a medical biller works at practice, his/her main job is to follow the claim to ensure that the practice gets reimbursed for the services provided to the patients. However, if you are starting a medical billing business, you will have to see how you can get a set of clients.

Identifying the need for a medical billing business

The first step before launching any business is the primary research that you must undertake. Before getting to the execution, you must first assess and analyze what the market requires. For instance, in this case, it is integral for you to determine if there is a real need for medical billing in your area or not. This question can be answered through a simple process. Firstly, you can visit or call the doctors in your vicinity to get an estimate of how many patients they see daily and if they do their billing themselves. If they do their billing themselves, you can further ask them what software programs they use. If their billing is outsourced, seek details regarding all the processes.

The questions highlighted above would provide a fair idea regarding the feasibility of the business. If a need for starting a medical billing business is identified, then follow the next step.

Determine the cost

When establishing a new business, it is necessary to evaluate all the possible costs that may be involved in the process. To launch a business a hefty amount is required and that is fact. However, a medical billing business differs in this aspect. Starting a new medical billing business is not as costly as other businesses. The only cost that you may incur is the billing software. Prices can vary on the basis of the scale of business you are planning to launch – which if itemized can help you calculate the actual cost. You need to identify the types of resources you need both technical and human resources.

How to get clients

Now comes the million-dollar question. How to get clients for your medical billing business. After starting the business, the next step is to get clients. This step may not be as easy as it seems. Establishing a business is a piece of cake compared to making the business successful. A medical billing business will only run well if it has a loyal set of clients. In order to win over clients, it is important to follow a few important steps. The steps we are talking about are mentioned below:

  • Research is the key

The first step in order to get clients is to conduct an extensive research on the competition. Yes, you read that right. In order to step in the game, you must step into the lion’s den first. Analyzing potential competitors would help in getting a rough idea about how these businesses work and who their clients are.

  • Specialized services

In order to obtain new clients, it is highly important that you offer something that is new and unique to the market. An option is to offer a medical billing service for any specific practice. This is because many physicians feel that businesses that offer an array of different services are not very well versed in their field of work. Hence, they prefer choosing medical billing businesses that offer a distinguished service. Thus, the best possible thing to do is choose one specialized service and focus on getting a set of credentials in order to further enhance credibility. As a result, it would be easier to gain the trust of potential clients.

  • Follow proper marketing techniques

For any business, marketing is a must. It can make or break a business. What is the point of incurring heavy costs only to have an empty client base? In order to avoid a situation like this, a medical billing business must incorporate holistic marketing strategies as part of its game plan. In times like these, adopting a digital approach would reap massive benefits. It is imperative for a business to think beyond the dimensions of a typical digital marketing strategy. One of the most basic approaches they can take is to introduce content marketing. In a COVID-inflicted world where everything has transcended beyond the norm, the creation of content in the form of blogs and articles can go a long way. This content can be optimized effectively through implementing an appropriate SEO strategy. This would be a great technique for a medical billing business to get clients as a lot of doctors don’t have much spare time and prefer to look up to medical billers for their work. Other creative marketing strategies include:

  • PPC Campaigns: Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns should be a part of your comprehensive strategy. This will help a medical billing business get new clients. In simple terms, it refers to using most searched keywords to determine what the target market is searching for online. As a result, the PPC campaign is then run to direct buyers/users of the product or service to your page.
  • Social Media Marketing: In a time where everything has proceeded to digital platforms, most research and buying is done online. Many officers in the medical offices search for an external billing service on active platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Hence, if starting a business, the primary requirement is to have a strong social media presence that is updated with meaningful posts. These posts would ultimately help in promoting the new medical billing business as well as generating traffic on the respective mediums.
  • Testimonials

When setting up a new business, it is important to enhance its credibility. Customers are likely to trust a business that has been proven to have done well in the past. In order for a new medical business to get clients, it must expand its profile by asking its initial customers to provide feedback. In order to get positive feedback, they must go an extra mile to make sure that they provide high quality services and assess the after-service response of customers. Even if one person gives a positive response to the services, the likelihood of getting new clients increases.

Starting a new business may involve a lot of tedious steps, but the results may be worth it. Just remember, whenever you think of starting a new medical billing business and want to know how to get clients, read this space and you’ll be good to go!


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