Concierge Medicine Plus Telemedicine. Way to Go

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine or the retainer medicine is a link between a patient and a Healthcare provider in which the patient has to submit a fee or retainer on a yearly basis. This may or may not be inclusive of other charges.


Telemedicine is regarded as providing clinical health to the patient from a long distance with the incorporation of information technology and telecommunication.

Incorporation of These Medical Services

Both of these medical services are facilitating a lot of Healthcare providers and medical professionals as well as the patients alike. These medical facilities are playing an imperative part in increasing revenues and facilitating efficiently to the patients. For this reason, a lot of physician practices and hospitals are looking for incorporating both of these options into their medical business.

The Power of Telemedicine

Due to an increased use of distance communication tools, patients can set an appointment with the doctors with respect to their medical conditions. Telemedicine is helpful with regards to discussing different health conditions with another specialist as well to find out the best way to deal with that certain condition. These tools have turned out to be quite accurate and sometimes even lifesaving.

The Pluses of Telemedicine:

It provides a convenient way to the patients setting up their appointments with the physicians. It also becomes easy for the Healthcare provider to facilitate their patients in an easy manner and without even from their office to examine a remote patient. Moreover, it also offers the physician a face to face discussion through advanced video conferencing tools.

i. Complete Treatment:

Certain visits based on the problem are also being offered by the physicians. These visits can extend to provide the patients with complete medical treatments even for prolonged chronic diseases. With the help of computer generated communications, it becomes quite simple to deal with potential drug prescriptions with the help of using a protected digital podium.

ii. Go and Get It Fast:

This is amazing to access your medical health care provider at any time and at any place even when you are traveling. Plus, the absence of your local doctor can also be compensated through telecommunication. It won’t let you left untreated. Also, you do not need to wait for your appointment or to stand in a long row waiting for your turn. Computer generated visits allow you to have all the required services timely and without any interruption, as well as the process is quite efficient.

iii. Facilitating the Patients in a Broad Way:

The incorporation of intelligent care has extensively benefited the medical staff. The use of advanced and sophisticated technology has facilitated physicians and patients to skip the hurdles of remote presence with the help of telemedicine and also it makes patients capable to monitor and control body temperature, blood pressure, glucose levels etc. even staying at the comfort of their homes.

Implementing Both At a Time Can Be Productive:

The implementation of concierge medicine and Telemedicine acts as powerful means of delivering instant and quality treatment to patients at home in a productive and useful manner. In case of having any kind of medical related problem, patients can access the doctor in no time and can freely share the problem with their family physician. Concierge medicine makes sure that a trusted group of healthcare providers is available to patients whenever they want to consult without leaving their homes. The combination of both of these elements is fitting, within the means and gives permanency of care required especially for the patients with chronic diseases and recurring healthcare issues.