How Intelligent Care Improves the Patient Experience

With an intelligent care system, physician practices and healthcare providers can tremendously improve the overall patient experience. Advanced and improved technology has provided us with numerous great and innovative ways to delivering the patients an outclass care service. The term intelligent care refers to looking and opting for modernized and advanced technology and not using the traditional means of patient care that might appear incomplete or insufficient when it comes to providing healthcare service with intelligent healthcare technologies. With regard to intelligent care, we have come up with smart-decision systems that deliver the patients suitable care with minimal side effects. The approach of an intelligent care system should be based upon the information of the patients who have undergone the relevant and similar treatments and showed positive as well as favorable outcomes. This type of information will be helpful for the providers as well when analyzing the delivery of care to a large population. Intelligent care is equally helpful for healthcare providers and patients. It makes it possible to make intelligent decisions when a smart technology prompts if anything goes against the set rule. Moreover, physicians can take quick decisions with instant availability of the vitals, records of a patient’s allergies and current symptoms of the disease.

Increased Demand For Intelligent Tools:

Nowadays, there seems to be an elevated need and a higher desirability of such innovative and intelligent software applications by Healthcare providers as well as medical professionals.

Improved Means of Patient Care:

At present, intelligent care is capable enough to bring in quicker and smarter ways of patient care by restructuring the means through which medical care is being provided to them. Intelligent care has now come up with improved health security and easily understandable instruments for having patient care at home as well as at a healthcare facility. Intelligent care providers are efficiently and sophisticatedly working to serve the patients with the best medical care possible. They are making possible attempts to develop and incorporate improved and more efficient devices that can immediately detect the vitals and prompt with the alerts if the condition is abnormal. Some examples of patient care with the use of intelligent care are as follows:

High-Tech Wristbands:

This advanced technology remote wristband takes charge of your health by monitoring some relevant and specific factors related to your health. You have to wear it on your wrist similar to a watch or a bracelet. Monitoring of the following vitals can be tracked with such wristbands:

  1. Pulse oximetry
  2. Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  1. Body temperature
  2. Respiration

Subsequent to monitoring, if there appears any sudden rise or fall in any of the above-mentioned factors, the wristband, immediately, signals the nurse to come to you and provide you with the required and optimum services. This signaling integrates with alerts to prompt the person on monitors to take necessary actions.

Improved Communication Systems:

These types of systems are integrated into the smartphones that allow the patient to request the current needs which are then responded rapidly by the medical professional or the Healthcare Provider.

Smart Beds:

These beds are specifically designed to monitor the position of the patient and his level of comfort. Furthermore, in case of any trouble with regards to it, these beds are capable to send alerts to the medical staff with updated information.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we can say that intelligent care is definitely serving and facilitating the patients in quite effective and desirable way by making their experience of the treatment improved and better managed by the care providers.