Insurance Reimbursement and Cash Flow Dilemmas for Physicians

Physicians often conduct partnerships with other medical units for a steady supply of services for the patients. This happens to take care of the patient load and lack of medical staff to take care of the facilities. The medical units want proper health care for patients in their unit and medical staff from other services can help with the cause. The medical staff inquired for, includes medical billers and coders, apart from the other regular patient healthcare staff.

Billing Procedures

Physicians that want to be successful should have business plans in place. They should consider the medical billers as the key role players in that process. The medical billers are responsible for getting reimbursements from insurance companies. They can only do that if the administrative staff know their duties and the billing software they use. The staff should have experience working with different internal and external forms. The external forms should be sent to the insurance company within five days of the visit and then again after 15 days, in case the first form is not answered. The staff should remain vigilant because outstanding balance can only be claimed during a certain period from most insurance companies. Experienced medical coders can help a great deal in this regard.

Patient Load

Many healthcare units prefer medical billing services for taking care of the accounts because they lack the adequate staff to take care of patient claim issues. The healthcare units are good at patient healthcare. On spot payments from patients are feasible to them, but when patients tell about the claims payments, these become difficult for the hospitals to manage unless they have a bill handling staff. The practice gets even harder to bear when they receive transfer patients. Transfer patients are from other healthcare units who have agreed to a partnership. This means the reimbursement is distributed among both the healthcare units. Some necessary arrangements are made between the health care units to accommodate the patients and to provide them with a physician.