When Do Physicians Need a Second Opinion?

It’s perfectly alright to want to ask for a second opinion, be it patients or physicians. It is not wrong to assume that physicians are experts in the field and would know it everything, but there are exceptions to this. As a physician, you have a certain specialization which is why patients trust your opinion, but a physician may also rely on second opinion to ensure the best treatment. Pediatricians, orthopedic surgeons, and neurologists are all experts in their respective fields, but they still consult other physicians before recommending a few procedures to their patients. There is no shame in doing so! All of this ensures that the patient gets nothing but the perfect recommendation and treatment. Other than these medical situations, when do physicians need a second opinion?

Business Decision-Making

This is one side of the medical practice that physicians lack sufficient know-how in. They have spent years learning about their specific specialization, but when it comes down to opening a private clinic to practice it, most can be at a loss. Hence, in such a situation, physicians are more likely to seek second opinions. We all want sure-fire answers and so do these medical experts. After all, they are as human as we all are! Setting up a business and making decisions regarding it can be a comprehensive procedure that incorporates various factors that you are likely to require a second opinion on. A list has been drawn up below to help you decide whether or not a particular decision has to be reviewed and approved by a friend, family member or expert in the field.

Business Operations

There are numerous operations related to a new business setup that require a thorough analysis. As a physician, you must ensure smooth workflows and streamline processes. Scheduling is an essential part of a physician’s routine life, and it incorporates the following:

  • How many customers can you effectively meet in a day?
  • How much time should be allocated to each patient?
  • How should appointments and cancellations be handled?
  • What are the office timings during weekdays and on weekends?

Other operational factors include deciding on the inventory for the clinic, where and how to store all inventory, and the budget for all purchases. As a physician, you would likely have no business acumen, so a second opinion becomes all the more inevitable with decisions such as these.

Business Finances

This is yet another important business task that you as a physician may require a second opinion on. You will need the services of a professionally qualified accountant to maintain and manage books. An independent auditor may be hired to go over the accounting books every once in a while to ensure consistency and identify any and all loopholes. You may also seek assistance from a lending institution to better manage your finances and take up debt if required. If you are not well-versed in interest rates and equity/debt compositions, you will definitely need a professional to help you out.

Business Hiring

Your business is not going to be a one-man show. You will need a business consultant to help you analyze your operation and aid with important decisions. Rather than making poor decisions, it is preferable to have the right resources. Think of it as an investment that will yield results in the long term when your medical practice flourishes. You may also require the services of a practice manager given your field of specialization. In addition to this, any and all necessary office staff must go through an appropriate recruitment procedure. Most of your business recruitment processes should be handled by an HR manager who is an expert in their field, just as you are in yours!


If you are also planning on starting your medical practice, go through this article and decide which person is the most appropriate authority on a given business matter. Once you have identified this, you can ask for their second opinion to make the right decisions. Business is a gamble after all that involves major risks and rewards.