Sybrid MD: Named As One Of The Best Medical Billing Companies Of 2020


In a recently released ranking of top 15 medical billing companies of 2020, has identified SybridMD as one of the best medical billing companies taking into account the fact that it provides holistic services and is always available to entertain customers’ queries 24/7. is an independent website that reviews small businesses, online solutions, and other …

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Outsourcing Medical Billing Helps You Save Money


Medical Billing is one of the most time-consuming, tedious, and demanding tasks. Practitioners and physicians often get confused between keeping the medical billing in-house or outsourcing the billing function. Medical billing also requires you to spend a large amount of money no matter whether you outsource it or decide to keep it in-house. It is …

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How Long Does Credentialing Process Take?


One of the most asked questions in the healthcare industry is, how long does credentialing take? Now there is no specific answer to this question as the turnaround time for medical credentialing varies. A standard credentialing process takes from 90 to 120 days based on the guidelines. In some cases, the process may be completed …

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How to Avoid Pass-Through Billing Traps


There are times when healthcare service providers used to indulge in pass-through billing, which is controversial. Pass-through bills are considered unethical and illegal because the healthcare providers or their staff request billing for a service that is not provided by them. The billing provider increases its profit by charging for a service that they did not perform. …

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How to Grow your Medical Billing Business?


Once you have set up your medical billing business, the next step is growth. Growth is necessary for any business to survive in the market and be successful. The same is the case with the medical billing business. Growing your medical billing business basically requires acquiring more customers. But how simple it is to attract …

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COVID-19 and the Recession in Healthcare Sector: Physicians Recession Survival Guide


The economic situation in the world economies has been terrible in this second quarter. Look at the economic collapse in the United States. Many would say that it was foreseeable that these very steep falls would occur. Let us remember that in the second quarter we witnessed an almost total paralysis of economic activity due …

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HIPAA, telehealth, and Remote Working: Risks for Healthcare Workers


The pandemic has given rise to telehealth but concerns are managing the clinical and billing staff remotely. The COVID-19 lockdown has forced many organizations to consider remote working to keep them operational. However, various HIPAA regulation specialists and representatives from law firms dealing in medical-related lawsuits have raised their concerns over the practical viability of …

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The AI Difference in Revenue Cycle Management


With the help of Artificial intelligence (AI) any company or organization can maximize their income and workflow in their revenue cycle management system. Artificial intelligence was a dream before but over time it becomes a reality and it brings a revolution in many industries especially in the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence is the most powerful …

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