Billing for Urgent Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding when To Use Urgent Care Billing

Billing for urgent care A comprehensive guide to understanding when to use urgent care billing

As a practitioner, your practice is prospering while you have enough patients to treat and you’re managing your revenue cycle management solely. Besides, you work dedicatedly and hire other practitioners to cope with the additional burden of healthcare provision, but your profit margin is still not reaching the point where you have expected it to … Read more

What Is HCC Coding? A Guide Designed to Estimate Future Health Care Costs for Patients

What is HCC coding A guide designed to estimate future health care costs for patients

Hierarchical condition category – HCC coding is a comprehensive model used for calculating the future cost of healthcare for patients. This model was designed and regulated in the year 2004 by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). However, the popularity and relevance of the model have significantly increased in the past few years … Read more

Laser Cataract Surgery vs Traditional Cataract Surgery: Which One Is Less Painful?

Laser cataract surgery vs traditional cataract surgery Which one is less painful

Laser cataract surgery is an upgraded surgery process that is performed through Femtosecond laser technology which results in accurate precisions to the procedure of traditional cataract surgery which was previously performed using hand-handled tools. It is also known as Refractive Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (ReLACS) and is referred to as advanced cataract surgery. In laser cataract … Read more

Future of Clinical Documentation: How It Helps in Maximizing the Revenues for The Hospital Sector?

Future of Clinical documentation How it helps in maximizing the revenues for the hospital sector

When it is all about the financial health of your revenue management cycle and practice, clinical documentation might not be a compelling topic to care about. But when it comes to optimal patient care, it is the heart of practices for generating revenues from registered payers. However, clinical documentation does not limit itself just to … Read more