COVID-19 and the Use of Masks: Malpractice Risks for Medical Practices


As we all know that COVID-10 is primarily a respiratory disease and the spectrum of infection with this virus can range from people with various symptoms. But people generally with strong immunity may not have reported any signs and symptoms for COVID-19.  According to the current knowledge, it is transmitted between people via respiratory droplets …

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Health Care Providers Are Losing Billions, Witnessing Decline in Reimbursements


Healthcare providers are at the front line of care delivery process, yet they are regularly the survivors of insurance payer’s actions to lessen costs. For what reason payers emphasize decreasing reimbursement to providers. The unintentional outcome is that we are entering a time where providers are worn out, exhausted, and saying goodbye to solo practices …

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Will a Waiver Protect me from COVID-19 Infection Claims?


A waiver is a type of agreement that both parties have to sign in which one party would give up the legal rights to sue another party for any type of injury or damage. A liability wavier protects companies and other authorities from court-case regarding any type of their employee injury as they have signed …

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A Clinic’s Lesson after Opening During COVID19


Continuing clinical tasks during a pandemic and after reopening have to undergo a realigning process that can meet SOPs and ensure care delivery quality. A high volume clinic implemented various improvements in their daily workflow to meet the new workflow. There were many things to consider when ensuring staff safety, patient experience, and the financial …

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Virtual Medicine During the COVID-19 Era

Nurse writing in clipboard while using phone for video conference at clinic

As more individuals are being requested to remain at home or self-isolate to stop the rapidly spreading coronavirus. More and more people are now demanding to consult with their physicians virtually instead of in-person meetings. Prerequisites of virtual visits. Specialties are currently prescribing going to telehealth including telemedicine and teletherapy as the primary alternative for …

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8 Challenges that Physicians are Facing in 2020


The world has been unfolded to many new challenges in the rise of a new decade. The year 2020 accompanied the world with some unparalleled and unpredictable challenges like global medical emergency caused by Covid-19. It was a threat to everyone in the world and resulted in a major increase in the burden on physicians. …

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5 Effective ways to ensure Patient Satisfaction


Patient satisfaction is an integral part of a successful healthcare provider. If there is an absence of patient satisfaction, hospital readmission and poor health outcomes are likely to take place. These inefficiencies can become a hurdle in the quality deliverance of an organization. This means that as a result both the patient experience and their …

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Sybrid MD offers IT Solutions for the Practitioners

Sybrid MD PR IT 1

Sybrid MD, a full-service billing company for Medical practices in the US, serving in 22 states, with a head office based in Baldwin, New York. We help practitioners to decrease the stress of billing and increase the cash flow. Being aware that perpetual technological improvements are the life source in our field of work, we …

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15 Physician Tips for a Successful Telemedicine Visit


Setting up telemedicine is an important step for any practice. However, after its setup, they have to also ensure their success and effectiveness. Technical glitches must be avoided to help with a smooth medical consultation. Thanks to the new technology of today, this is possible as the telemedicine solution is quite simple. Professional features are …

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How Telemedicine is increasing Medical Practice’s Revenues


Spending money requires smart decisions whether it is in the healthcare industry or any other. This means that healthcare providers must be aware of financial implications. These implications involve the investment of practice into the telemedicine technology. Telemedicine has brought with it a whole plethora of benefits. Patients can receive better access to care, increased …

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