Tips for Using the Correct Sequela vs Subsequent Encounters in ICD – 10 – CN Coding

Tips for using the correct sequela vs subsequent encounters in ICD – 10 – CM coding

Medical history has been dealing with ICD- 9 until gradual changes in coding and catering to health issues using specific codes. Since ICD-10 has been introduced, medical billers and coders need to meet a range of new concepts and guidelines to deal with the difference between initial sequela vs subsequent encounter classification of codes for … Read more

What Is Patient Compliance in Healthcare: Strategies to Improve Compliance for Patient Care

What is patient compliance in healthcare Strategies to Improve Compliance for Patient Care

In the healthcare sector, there are many ways to apply compliance for the patient. Most of the healthcare providers and organizations think that compliance with the guidelines and the policies provided by the government, and in the case of private providers, compliance with the payers is necessary. Another significant area in terms of concern is … Read more

When Coding Multiple Wound Repairs in CPT Gets Tough for Medical Billers?

When coding multiple wound repairs in CPT gets tough for medical billers

Correct coding for any practice is necessary for everything. No matter what you are coding for, using the standard procedure of adding CPT codes designated for the specific health condition is necessary for on-time reimbursement. When you are coding for multiple services you rendered after an accident, how and when coding multiple wound repairs in … Read more

What Is CAQH Credentialing? Why Is It Required by The Provider in Credentialing?

What is CAQH credentialing Why is it required by the provider in credentialing

Credentialing is one of the essential processes for providers to get the permit to work and serve the patients of their practice. It is a systematic approach by which providers are authorized and verified. Providers are credentialed just not for their qualifications but for licensing, certification, training, and registration. But what is CAQH credentialing and … Read more

What Is Trichotillomania and Possible Treatment for Trichotillomania

What is trichotillomania and possible treatment for trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a severe mental health condition where a patient pulls out their own hair. However, the effects of Trichotillomania can be challenging and could bring negative effects on the well-being if the condition starts prevailing in your teens, adolescents, and adult years. Fortunately, treatment for trichotillomania is available to those who experience this condition. … Read more

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: Learn About the 5 CPT Codes

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Learn about the 5 CPT codes

Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the updated and released Medicare Physicians Fee Structure Proposal on July 13th for the following and the coming years. In this schedule, they recognized the importance of remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) and treat it as a novel digital healthcare which acts as a complementary element for the … Read more