Migraines and Chiropractic Treatment – Effectiveness of Chiropractic for Migraine

igraines and Chiropractic

Around 12% of Americans suffer from migraine, as per the National Institute of Health, making up a whopping 40 million of the population. Migraine is a neurological health condition typically characterized by throbbing or intense pain on one side of the head. While there is barely a cure for migraine, several modern treatments help minimize … Read more

Dermatology CPT codes – How is Dermatology Medical Billing different from any other Medical Billing and Coding?

Dermatology Medical Billing

Like any medical billing procedure, dermatology medical billing requires highly educated professionals to ensure timely and accurate claim reimbursement. As the medical industry in the United States is evolving rapidly over the past few years practitioners – especially dermatologists are actively participating in getting familiar with the tailored needs of dermatology medical billing. Dermatology medical … Read more

Understand CPT Codes for Orthopedic Medical Billing and Guidelines

Understand CPT Codes for orthopedic medical billing and guidelines

Like every medical practice, managing and running revenue management cycles smoothly are the essential functions of orthopedics and any other medical practice alike. By managing your billing practices effectively, revenue will continue to reach on time while minimizing delays and improving cash flow limitations. When it comes to orthopedic medical billing, orthopedic practitioners need to … Read more

What Is Coordination of Care? Effectiveness of Coordination of Care on Patient’s Health

What is Coordination of Care Effectiveness of Coordination of Care on Patient’s Health

With so many healthcare entities involved in the provision of healthcare, it becomes vital for the in-patient and out-patient community settings to manage the coordination between the care providers and the associated settings. However, the coordination and the understanding of this coordination of care often get overlooked and taken for granted in primary care facilities. … Read more

Cataract Lens Options for 2023: Which Options for Cataract Surgery Is the Most Suitable One for You?

Cataract Lens Options for 2023 Which options for cataract surgery is the most suitable one for you

No matter what age, cataract surgeries is spreading like a virus all over the United States. The number of Americans undergoing cataract surgeries each year has reached approximately four million. If you are experiencing cataracts in your vision, you must consult your optician and seek advice from your insurers on what options for cataract surgery … Read more

Mistakes that Providers Make While Using CPT Codes for Medicare Telehealth Reimbursement

Mistakes that providers make while using CPT codes for Medicare telehealth reimbursement

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides proper guidelines for billing telehealth CPT codes and services by using specific reporting terminologies. Decoding these terminologies is challenging not only for providers but originating sites that ensure eligibility and complete Medicare telehealth reimbursement. According to the guidelines shared by CMS, telehealth services are subject to … Read more

Maximizing Healthcare Outcomes with Independent Physician Association Services (IPA Services)

Independent Physician Association What is an IPA medical care and how it functions

Not every person in the professional place wants work full of patient and staff noise that may hinder their performance and distract them from their healthcare provider. But when there are a lot of patients visiting doctors every now and then at a medical facility, it becomes hard to tackle the distraction that physicians may … Read more

What is EPCS? Electronic Prescription for Controlled Substances

What is EPCS Electronic prescription for controlled substances

Over the past few decades, we have observed technological improvement in the healthcare sector with the introduction of different billing techniques, concepts, and equipment. With those terms and conditions, there have been different changes that needs to be implemented in almost every practice, and prescription drugs are just another domain. AMA and CMS changes to … Read more

ICD 10 chronic fatigue syndrome? What Diagnosis Code for Fibromyalgia Is Used to Identify the Disease?

How to diagnose fibromyalgia What diagnosis code for fibromyalgia is used to identify the disease

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia through ICD-10 and ICD-9 codes has been made easy for practitioners dealing with fibromyalgia. When all you need is to bill for the fibromyalgia in your claims, you need to note each and every step included in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia to use the diagnosis code for fibromyalgia efficiently. However, knowing … Read more