DME Claims: What They Are and How to File Them?

Durable medical equipment billing guide for medical staff

The billing process of durable medical equipment involves intricacy. Due to the continuous changes in the billing process, it has also become laborious and time-consuming. This is why you need to adhere to a durable medical equipment billing guide to comply with the regulations and comprehend the nuances. Oftentimes, DME providers face numerous billing issues, … Read more

Billing Units Physical Therapy: A Complete Guide to Medicare Rule of 8

Billing units physical therapy

For the physical therapy profession, it is essential to comprehend the complex process of rehabilitation billing procedures and practices regulated by the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). And for the same purpose, billing units physical therapy used in the procedures has crucial importance. Presently, there are over 44million individuals registered in Medicaid. And … Read more

What’s a NPI number- Who Needs an NPI Number?

Who needs an NPI number, and how to get an NPI number A 2022 updated guide

When becoming a healthcare service provider, there are a number of steps that should be taken to ensure proper compliance while considering a variety of standards, such as insurance credentialing and HIPAA. However, taking all these steps is crucial to ensure as HIPAA compliance is a critical standard that can give you the smoothest reimbursement … Read more

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2022 #HVAD: Journey in the search for HIV vaccine continues!

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2022 #HVAD Journey in the search for HIV vaccine continues

HIV Vaccine awareness day is celebrated across the world to pay tribute to and recognize the endless efforts of volunteers, health professionals, community members, and scientists. The day is observed on May 18 every year also to spread awareness about the vaccine research and to educate its importance to the people all around the world. … Read more

5 Keys to Insurance Credentialing for Mental Health Providers

Mental Health Providers

Credentialing is important for mental health providers that let them become certified and provide professional services to patients. It provides healthcare providers with the opportunity to become affiliated with an insurance company. These service providers are in turn reimbursed by a third party i.e. patients through the insurance company. This guide provides you with detailed … Read more

8 Custom Software Ideas that Can Help Medical Practices Scale Their Operations

Custom software ideas that can help medical practices scale their operations

According to experts, adopting popular patient interaction tools could be the key to scaling up clinic operations and moving an organization closer to patient-centered care. According to a report, almost 85 percent of physicians surveyed believe that digital health solutions are beneficial for patient care, showing that the medical community recognizes the tools’ potential. Increased … Read more

How to strengthen the Backbone of your Medical Billing Company

strengthen the Backbone of your Medical Billing Company

The mechanism of strengthening a medical billing process means dealing with the complex revenue cycle and keeping adding the latest automotive tools to the process. With the associated complexities, it becomes even more challenging to coordinate with the internal practice flow, meet client demands, and process external pressure. This is why medical billing companies need … Read more

Transitional Care Management Services: How to Get Paid

Transitional Care Management Services

It is no secret that Medicare is cutting reimbursement for transitional care management (TCM) services. In fact, the payments have been slashed by almost 50%. This means that practitioners must be even more diligent in ensuring that their claims are submitted correctly if they want to be reimbursed for these services. In this article, we … Read more