5 Best Practices for Bloodborne Pathogens Training

5 Best Practices for Bloodborne Pathogens Training

‍Whether you’re an OSHA-approved trainer or a front-line supervisor, creating an effective bloodborne pathogens training program can feel like a Herculean task. You must also do it quickly — and with little to no budget. But don’t panic; you can create an effective training program with the right approach. Even if your company is small … Read more

How Fake Medical Bill Scams Are Affecting the Healthcare Industry?

How Fake medical bill scams are affecting the healthcare industry

The medical industry has been affected by scams and fake medical bills for ages and till now there have been no easy solutions for the prevention of manipulation and tempering of such issues at the receiver’s end (i.e. hospitals and providers) or the processors’ end (i.e. insurance companies). The Healthcare industry needs a quick solution … Read more

Fee for service vs value based care reimbursement: Which one to consider?

Fee for service vs value based care reimbursement Which one to consider

With the changes in almost everything in the healthcare industry, including regulations, credentialing process, treatments, and procedure claims, the healthcare reimbursement models ought to have a shift as well. It has become an obligation to meet America’s ever-increasing medical needs. For building secure and quick reimbursements, changes in models for providers’ reimbursements will bring much … Read more

How is the Condition Code in Medical Billing defined?

How is the Condition Code in Medical Billing defined

If you’re in the medical billing field, you know that condition codes are an important part of coding and billing procedures. But what exactly are condition codes, and how do you use them correctly? In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about condition code, from what they are to how to … Read more

Why Are Patient Statements Necessary for Improving RCM Practice? Who is responsible to your patient statement?

Why are patient statements necessary for improving RCM practice

In the current healthcare practices, hospitals spend a lot of time and money on patient statements. For this purpose, most healthcare organizations hire full-time employees who are entirely responsible to your patient statements. The responsibility includes mailing, printing, and managing the logistics of the medical bills of the patients. On the other hand, some outsource … Read more

How Can a Physical Therapy Biller Improve the Quality of Physical Therapy RCM?

How can a physical therapy biller improve the quality of physical therapy RCM

Like any other practice that a medical field relies on, physical therapists also have to go with numbers as they have to obtain the amount for the services they have rendered. Unlike physicians in the healthcare industry, physical therapists are more likely to provide relief to patients through therapies that are more dealt with manually … Read more

A Roadmap to Becoming a Chiropractic Assistant: Know the Process

A Roadmap to becoming a chiropractic assistant Know the Process

With the increasing needs of doctors and chiropractors in the hospitals, chiropractors are more into hiring chiropractic assistants for a helping hand and performing a range of activities to assist them. Like most physicians and doctors working privately, chiropractic assistants also help in running the office load smoothly. If you’re interested in understanding what you … Read more

Discover the Essential Chiropractic Tools and equipment that Chiropractors Use

Discover the most essential chiropractor tools that Chiropractors use

Chiropractors use only their hands and manual techniques to provide treatment to their patients. Is this what you think? Don’t worry you are not the one who thinks like this. People often see and feel that chiropractors don’t need chiropractor tools, treatment equipment, or lubricants/solutions while providing chiropractic services. However, there are actually a lot … Read more

September 2022: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 2022 Childhood cancer awareness month

We can never forget those children we lost due to childhood cancer and the lack of medication and advocacy that they could have given to their parents in those serious times. This childhood cancer awareness month, let’s spread awareness and prevent those newly diagnosed children with cancer stages and educate them so the wave can … Read more

Which of the following best describe the major components of the problem-oriented medical record?

Problem Oriented Medical Records Comprehensive Way to Care for Your Patients

Problem oriented medical records are a system for organizing patient information. This type of record can help improve patient care by providing a more comprehensive overview of the patient’s condition and treatment. What this means is that, instead of just looking at the sequence of events, problem oriented medical records focus on the problems being … Read more