What is a practice management system and why do you need it?

practice management system

If you want to increase your practices’ performance, profits, and productivity by streamlining your invoicing as well as the patient management system, then you need a practice management system. The purpose of a practice management system, according to the American Medical Association, is to improve practice productivity, professional fulfillment, and patient safety performance. A practice …

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Want to know the pros and cons of electronic health records? We have got you covered

pros and cons of electronic health records

What is Electronic Health Record? Electronic Health Record (EHR) is another name for digital and critical administrative medical reports of a patient under the care of a particular physician. EHR is really beneficial for practices as well as hospitals – as it has made record-keeping simpler and easier (to some extent at least). But like …

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What’s the average holistic nutritionist salary in the US

holistic nutritionist salary

What does a holistic nutrition professional do? A holistic nutrition professional is an individual who provides suggestions to families, individuals and people to not only improve their eating habits, lifestyle but also advises how to make choices that promotes health. Simply put, these health professionals plan and program diet charts of food and nutrition, supervise …

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Blood pressure guidelines that you should know

Blood pressure basically refers to the force through which your blood flows through your vessels. Testing your blood pressure is the best way to find out whether your blood pressure levels are higher or not. High blood pressure is a disease also known as (hypertension or HDP). According to a report, about one-third of adults …

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