How to Avoid Pass-Through Billing Traps


There are times when healthcare service providers used to indulge in pass-through billing, which is controversial. Pass-through bills are considered unethical and illegal because the healthcare providers or their staff request billing for a service that is not provided by them. The billing provider increases its profit by charging for a service that they did …

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COVID-19 and the Recession in Healthcare Sector: Physicians Recession Survival Guide


The economic situation in the world economies has been terrible in this second quarter. Look at the economic collapse in the United States. Many would say that it was foreseeable that these very steep falls would occur. Let us remember that in the second quarter we witnessed an almost total paralysis of economic activity due …

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HIPAA, telehealth, and Remote Working: Risks for Healthcare Workers


The pandemic has given rise to telehealth but concerns are managing the clinical and billing staff remotely. The COVID-19 lockdown has forced many organizations to consider remote working to keep them operational. However, various HIPAA regulation specialists and representatives from law firms dealing in medical-related lawsuits have raised their concerns over the practical viability of …

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The AI Difference in Revenue Cycle Management


With the help of Artificial intelligence (AI) any company or organization can maximize their income and workflow in their revenue cycle management system. Artificial intelligence was a dream before but over time it becomes a reality and it brings a revolution in many industries especially in the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence is the most powerful …

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COVID-19 and the Use of Masks: Malpractice Risks for Medical Practices


As we all know that COVID-10 is primarily a respiratory disease and the spectrum of infection with this virus can range from people with various symptoms. But people generally with strong immunity may not have reported any signs and symptoms for COVID-19.  According to the current knowledge, it is transmitted between people via respiratory droplets …

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Health Care Providers Are Losing Billions, Witnessing Decline in Reimbursements


Healthcare providers are at the front line of care delivery process, yet they are regularly the survivors of insurance payer’s actions to lessen costs. For what reason payers emphasize decreasing reimbursement to providers. The unintentional outcome is that we are entering a time where providers are worn out, exhausted, and saying goodbye to solo practices …

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Virtual Medicine During the COVID-19 Era

Nurse writing in clipboard while using phone for video conference at clinic

As more individuals are being requested to remain at home or self-isolate to stop the rapidly spreading coronavirus. More and more people are now demanding to consult with their physicians virtually instead of in-person meetings. Prerequisites of virtual visits. Specialties are currently prescribing going to telehealth including telemedicine and teletherapy as the primary alternative for …

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