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Front Office Management

Front office management is no more a burdensome task for practices. Sybrid MD expert front office management team is skilled in handling patient scheduling, flawless data entry and checking for patients’ insurance eligibility which decreases claim denial rate and significantly increases practice revenue. Get started with an efficient front office.

Insurance Eligibility Management

We obtain eligibility verification from insurance companies prior to the patient’s appointment. This ensures that there are no insurance denials.

Manage Patient Phone Calls

We professionally answer, schedule and manage all routine incoming patient calls.

Handle Appointment Confirmations

Sybrid MD calls patients to confirm all appointments. This practice significantly reduces the no-show rate.

Patient Recalls & Follow Up

Most patients come in for multiple visits. Follow up visits are tracked and subsequent appointment confirmations are made.

Patient Payment Management

The required co-pays and deductibles are entered into our scheduling software, making it simple for your practice to collect the correct amount from your patients.

Measure The Pulse of Your Patient

Sybrid MD will conduct patient surveys to understand your patient’s needs, wants, and sources of value. These results will be presented to modify operations to match those requirements.

Provide Monthly Reports on Your Practice Health

These reports include information on the number of appointments booked, number of calls received, common complaints, issues facing patients, etc.

Monitoring Call Quality for Audit And Compliance

All calls made and received by our virtual front desk personnel are recorded and stored for a period of 3 months. These recordings can be provided to the client on demand as and when required.



For small practices, Safelock Certified™ is a HIPAA Compliance solution, offering training, compliance help and our uniquely positive brand of patient reassurance. Data breaches are daily news, and patients want to know your office is properly securing their Protected Health Information.


For larger offices, Safelock Certified™ Ultra fulfills statutory requirements, offers point-by-point guidance and provides mandated HIPAA training for every team member. We offer complete compliance strategies and 24-hour response to privacy crisis and concerns.

What you achieve

Safelock Certified™, no one can lift the challenge of compliance from your shoulders.

You avoid data breaches and catastrophic fines

Provide security, training and the tools you need to ensure private patient information stays private

Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Plan of Action for remediation of issues found

Help develop practice-specific Acknowledgements, Consent forms, and other essential documentation

Safelock Certified™ window decals, promotional press releases and help with social media optimization

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