10 Predictions for Healthcare IT in 2019

The IDC or International Data Corporation is an entity that works with analysts to provide advice on market intelligence and serves to identify trends on a global scale. Not too long ago, they released a report that discusses their predictions for Healthcare IT in 2019. In this report, analysts assess which outcomes are most likely to impact the institutions and individuals in the industry. The IDC highlighted 10 predictions for Healthcare IT in 2019 which are as follows:

  1. By 2020, optimising the healthcare IT experience will be among the top priorities for 60 percent of healthcare providers.
  2. Practices related to personal data stewardship will be facilitated by tech-savvy patients and industry/government-led data initiatives. Hence, such Healthcare IT practices will triple by 2023.
  3. By 2020, 25 percent of business processes will be impacted by steady improvements to artificial intelligence technologies.
  4. 50 percent of clinical apps are anticipated to include ambient interfaces (sensors, speech recognition, etc.) by 2022. This is expected to improve data quality by 40 percent.
  5. 20-30 percent of acute healthcare providers are likely to introduce smartwatch-based apps by 2022. It’s predicted that this will increase clinician productivity by at least 50 percent.
  6. By 2022, 50 percent of pharma reps will be able to satisfy all field duties on their smartphones.
  7. Through the advent of proper regulatory practices and increasing patient advocacy, 5 new drugs and 10 new medical devices will be approved by 2023. This will be achieved through real world evidence.
  8. 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies are expected to bypass traditional health insurance, and by 2021 will offer Employer Direct Healthcare. This is in light of factors such as the rising costs of specialty drugs.
  9. Use of Blockchain will increase eightfold by 2022 due to the necessity of liberating data for secure multiparty information sharing across healthcare and life science avenues.
  10. In order to strengthen their cyber security measures, 40 percent of healthcare providers are likely to leverage AI algorithms and machine learning advances by 2022.

These predictions for Healthcare IT in 2019 suggest that the industry is starting to become more and more comfortable with adopting advanced digital technology. These steps are sure to make life easier for both healthcare providers and patients.