25 Most Effective Medical Marketing Strategies That Work | Part 2

9. Search Engine Marketing

More than 90 percent of consumers use a search engine to find information. Search for a service starts from the web or more specifically from a search engine such as Google. To stay competitive today, companies which advertise through search engines get double the response than conventional marketing.

10. Brochures and Pamphlets

Get beautifully designed brochures and pamphlets for your practice and make them easily available by placing them on entrance and exit doors of your office. The brochure should encompass an overview of your services and must be furnished with contact details, website and email addresses.

11. Event Marketing

Become a part of every famous even in your industry or in your vicinity. Industry-specific events and conferences provide ample space and opportunities to promote your business and you can share visiting cards and other handouts of your business by attending the event.

12. Email Marketing

Keep a record of all the email addresses of your visitors and add them to bulk email marketing software such as MailChimp. It is very convenient with such tools to send thousands of email in no time. Send professionally written emails to your existing customers which would just refresh your business name into their minds.

13. Direct Mail Services

There is nothing more substantial than receiving a physical mail with a name clearly inscribed over the envelope. Send physical mail with a beautiful card inside to keep your customers in touch.

14. Collaborate With the Grocer

Grocers open-heartedly welcome smaller businesses to be mentioned somewhere on their bills or receipts. It is productive and results in yielding way to market your medical practice with a famous store in your vicinity.

15. Publish a Comparison Review of Your Services

When customers search for a business they also like to compare it with other similar services and read customers’ feedback and reviews. Collaborate with a writer to get a good review of your services and how your office is unique than others. These comparisons and positive reviews about your practice would positively impact your reputation.

16. Send Useful Guides to Prospective Clients

Spread awareness about a particular disease or medical services that you offer. These guides and help material authenticate your knowledge in that particular field. Frequently share new developments and information about the technologies you use with your customers.

17. Market on Facebook

Today, businesses want to be on every that platform where their customers interact. Facebook is one of the most widely used social media networks and almost all types of businesses want to establish their presence on this social media platform. Create a business page on Facebook and update it frequently.

18. Hire Opinion Makers to Speak For Your Business

Every industry has some prominent names and opinion makers who have a huge fan following and people love their ideas and follow them on Twitter. Contact opinion makers in your industry and ask for a few tweets about your business.

19. Online Business Listing

Make sure that your practice is listed in yellow pages and other business directories of your area. The contact details should be updated with the working phone numbers because most of the times customers search for the contact number through these directories.

20. Local Chamber of Commerce Membership

Get your business registered with the chamber of commerce in your area. Participate in the meetings of the chamber and keep yourself updated with the new regulations by the government.

21. Use Referral Program

Introduce referral program to your existing customers and give them incentives and discounts on new referring customers.

22. LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a network of professionals and more trustworthy than any other social network. Make your practice visible over LinkedIn and ask your staff to maintain their profiles updated. LinkedIn offers ample opportunities to promote a business and connect with professionals.

23. Customer Signup

Encourage your customers to sign up on your website or through the contact form. If you successfully increase customer signups, it becomes easier for you to stay connected with your consumers.

24. Promo Codes and Special Day Offers

Attract new visitors with discount promo codes and free camps. Anything which comes free or offers incentives attracts new customers to a business.

25. Share Case Studies

There is nothing more appealing than to speak about your business with examples. Keep a record of patients with images, so that you can use it for a case study.