3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Healthcare in 2019

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more sophisticated, there is a lot to be gained from embracing these advancements. Healthcare in particular is an industry that desperately needs this kind of additional support considering that anyone employed in a medical field is extremely overworked. AI provides an opportunity to lessen the workload and increase productivity. So let’s now look at the 3 ways AI will improve healthcare in 2019.

1.   Virtual Medicine

There’s a lot of untapped potential in virtual medicine and healthcare in 2019 will be the initial stage to witness its capabilities. Virtual medicine can connect rural patients with leading urban professionals and consequently reduce waiting times. Additionally, this is an extremely convenient method for monitoring patients and determining which patients are more ill than others, a capability that can save lives.

2.   Refined Diagnoses

It can be confusing and overwhelming to get a second opinion, only for the second doctor’s diagnosis to be completely different from the first. By introducing specific algorithms and gold standard datasets, clinicians can improve the accuracy of their diagnoses. By combining the expertise of the doctor with the capabilities of technology, it becomes much faster and simpler to determine the actual diagnosis.

3.   Connect Various Medical Data

One of the biggest conveniences provided by AI is the ability to combine data from different sources and use that information in conjunction with predictive analytics to allow healthcare providers to determine the optimal course of action much more efficiently.
It’s also possible to design algorithms that are capable of compiling and inputting data from sources like lab results, genetic tests, health records, etc. in order to create personalised reports, such as suggested diagnoses or disease risk profiles.

By using these AI techniques to support physicians, we will be seeing great innovations in healthcare in 2019. Incorporating these methods means that it’s possible to reduce hospital errors, a problem that causes the untimely demise of up to 400,000 Americans annually. These preventable errors can easily be rectified through effective utilisation of AI technologies. In fact, using AI is also going to be cost effective for the healthcare sector. According to an estimate, the American healthcare industry is poised to save up to $150 billion annually through the use of AI.

Overall, healthcare in 2019 is headed in a positive direction and one can be very optimistic about it.