A Physician Burnout Treatment

When you think of healthcare, you automatically think of the patients. It is rare that you consider the health of the physicians present in the equation. Yet, your healthcare providers and physicians may need treatment. One of the common ailments among physicians is physician burnout. It is so common in America that over 50% physicians show at least one indication of physician burnout.

What Is Physician Burnout?

The term physician burnout refers to the mental state of physicians where their energy levels decrease and stress levels increase. This affects the performance and healthcare quality delivered to the patients. Physician burnout can lead to fatal consequences if left untreated. It is directly linked to high rates of suicide among physicians. Actually, in the United States alone, physician burnout is the third largest cause of death. This sheds light on the severity of the issue. Some of the known causes of the burnout include:

  • Low satisfaction rates by the patient and poor care quality delivered.
  • A high rate of medical error or a high risk of malpractice of the physician. Over 70% of these errors are caused by tiredness and stress on the part of the physician.
  • A high turnover in the hospital or facility.
  • Excessive consumption of drugs by the physician.
  • Overburdened and huge workload due to the lack of physicians.

Is There a Solution?

One way to reduce the stress included in the job of the physician is by reducing their desk work and streamlining the processes that are unrelated to the actual act of providing healthcare services. The fact that 68% of a physician’s day is spent doing desk work and only 25 minutes of care is offered per patient is a dangerous statistic. It shows that the majority of effort and energy of the physician are directed at something that is not improving the quality of care per se. This is why a possible solution that can both enhance the quality of care provided and reduce physician burnout is adopting an IT solution to take care of the extra bits. One excellent option to consider is Flexential. While previously it took up to 32 clicks for a physician to order a single flu shot, such an IT service can streamline these processes and make them faster than before. This means that the physician will be able to focus on providing care to the patients. Meanwhile, all the technicalities will be taken care of by the IT solution.


Rather than just focusing on the patients, it is equally important to consider the well-being of the healthcare providers as well. At the end of the day, if you take care of the physicians, you are indirectly ensuring quality care for the patients. Hence, by taking preventive steps against physician burnout, you are helping a lot of people. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure can make all the difference.