Modern Health Care in the Age of the Internet and Social Medicine

Healthcare means are developing at a faster rate and on a regular basis. In the modern era, due to the presence of internet, people are more demanding and convinced to have the best healthcare services. The emergence of new technologies that facilitates the incorporation of medicine and healthcare services with the internet has transformed the whole healthcare landscape. It has even enabled the patients to make knowledgeable decisions about their health and modify the fallout of any persisting illness and ailment either for themselves or their loved ones.

Ask about the way of treatment

Modern health care also allowed the patients to easily question the doctor about the way they treat or prescribe. Today, the internet has become the primary source of accessing the medical information. Besides, in this modern era, social media has provided unique and useful platforms for interaction and sharing of information that one cannot imagine before.

Advertisement of non-prescribed products

Many of the pharmaceutical companies advertise such products through the internet that once can only be recommended by the doctors. Anyhow, through these advertisements, pharmaceutical companies disown obligation that medications without prescription of the doctor can affect the health of the consumer whereas those corporations also try to compel the customers to consult their physicians for consumption of such medications. Nowadays, the self-help groups found on the internet are free of cost and very useful. Through this medium, individuals are assisting other individuals.

Hire a private patient advocate

A disease can be treated through more than one ways. But, most of the times, patients are almost unaware of more than one option and have to rely upon only the one suggested by their physicians. This is for the reason that, physicians just do not care about letting the patient education about more than one ways of their treatment or they only want to earn money by hook or by crook. For resolving this sort of problem, one can appoint a professional medical literature scholar or a private patient advocate. Selecting any one of these is a way to go in case you have no family or someone to care for you and if you can afford, then hire one for you.

Collaboration of the helping staff-improved means of medical care

With the assistance of self-help group, self-care, and the hired patient advocates, one can get the proper and required medical care efficiently as all of the helping staff can perform collaboratively to deliver the best medical care to the patient. The modern healthcare system in the current era has been greatly influenced by the internet and social media platforms, and in many ways, it is improving the curing process.

Which way to go?

Anyhow, relying on these areas to provide the accurate and appropriate medical care can be dangerous and harmful to one’s life. Picking up a prescription form a website can be lifesaving as well as life-threatening because without the proper understanding of a particular disease and knowhow of the treatment, treating you solely or without consulting your physician can be disastrous and dreadful for your health.


In a nutshell, there is a lot more to go, and with consistent development in the medical industry and with the emergence of new means of advertisement plus rising platforms of getting medical knowledge, partial reliance on these sources can be agreeable and tolerated. We have not seen the future at this point that might come with a total and massive transformation in medical care as with the rapid development of the internet and ultimate proneness towards social media.