Sybrid MD offers IT Solutions for the Practitioners

Sybrid MD, a full-service billing company for Medical practices in the US, serving in 22 states, with a head office based in Baldwin, New York. We help practitioners to decrease the stress of billing and increase the cash flow.

Being aware that perpetual technological improvements are the life source in our field of work, we work proactively to build solutions and provide support services for the business problems that might be lurking just around the corner.

Talking about proactiveness, in recent times, we have offered the following services and solutions to our valuable clients:

  • Incident-based support
  • Managed monitoring and support services
  • Setup and installations
  • Solutions for telehealth, voice over IP, and cloud servers

We will now go into detail of how Sybrid MD will offer each of the above-mentioned services, but before we do, it is noteworthy to mention that Sybrid MD will be in the vanguard of companies to offer these services in the US.

  • Incident-Based Support:

It is a common pothole in the tech world to come across incidents in the operating systems and servers. Occurrences varying altered nature are also present in IP Telephony Systems, as well as Email Servers. The enormity of such issues is magnified where even a small lapse could cost a business immensely.

We at Sybrid MD are proud to announce that we are now in a position to offer incident-based support to our clients. Through this facility, our clients can rest assured that any hiccups experienced at their end in any of the above-mentioned issues can now be put a stop to.

  • Managed Monitoring & Support Services:

It is a general understanding that in the absence of a reliable and effective monitoring and support system, the core functions of business, come to an abrupt stop sooner or later.

With SybridMD’s Managed Monitoring and support services, our clients can comfortably focus all their attention to their core business functions, while we look after their network monitoring, help desk services, server hosting (cloud-based & on-premise), server monitoring and support, server deployment, desktop support, and event log monitoring.

  • Setup and Installations:

Perceived as somewhat of a hassle for many fast-tracked businesses, the setup and installation process for tools like desktop, laptop, Microsoft Windows Server, AD domain environment, desktop application software, Microsoft DHS/DHCP server and configuration, email & chat servers, open-source servers’ configuration, printers & peripherals, and group policy configuration and server migration take up a lot of time and effort.

We will have to worry about this hassle no more, as we will be taking over this phase of business operations off their hands.

  • Solutions for Telehealth, Voice Over IP, and Cloud Servers:

Finally, Sybrid MD is excited to offer solutions for telehealth, voice over IP, and cloud servers to its precious clients. Using its time-tested excellent telecommunications technology, we will help healthcare professionals deliver health services and health information remotely.

Similarly, we will also be offering solutions for telecommunication services for its clients which are invaluable to businesses, especially in a world under siege by Covid-19 where virtual communications are preferred over physical meetings.

For the first time, all of the above services will be offered seamlessly to its clients by SybridMD. It is our foremost priority to make business operations for our clients as convenient as possible, especially under the prevailing circumstances where the global pandemic, Covid-19, is taking its pound of flesh from people and business alike, around the globe.

In the end, Sybrid MD’s clients will now be able to benefit from its novel and state of the art solutions for cloud servers.