SybridMD Announces Strategic Partnership with Jiseki

28th May, 2019
Sybrid MD announces a strategic partnership with Jiseki to leverage health insurance benefits to its clients mostly physician practices and their staff.
22 May 2019, New York – Sybrid MD is a leading provider of integrated healthcare solutions and medical billing services that are transforming healthcare businesses and their processes. Sybrid MD today announces that it has partnered with Jiseki to offer health insurance benefits to its clients and partners.
Through this partnership, Sybrid MD has extended health insurance coverage to its clients, mostly physician practices and their staff. The solution has been designed to offer affordable and easily accessible healthcare coverage to client companies and their staff that are not covered by health insurance.
The highly affordable health insurance plan covers 1500+ medical conditions and costs only $39 per month for the practice staff. More benefits include: easy access to doctors, financial advisors and includes unique features, such as discounted dental care plans and aid offered to patients with mental conditions. The free benefits include annual personal care assessments, emotional support consultation, and multidisciplinary team support. Moreover, access to automated protocol-drive medical screening tools, prepaid Master Card and financial advisory services.
By offering these innovative solutions and services, and leveraging cross-platform capabilities and strengths, Sybrid MD and Jiseki have uniquely positioned themselves in the industry. The AI-powered capabilities, expertise of automating processes and making technology based solutions affordable for everyone, have brought the two companies together to extend their offerings with an innovative program that is not only affordable rather inventive in every aspect. This partnership is a clear win-win for both the companies as no other organization is currently offering such feature-rich plans to business affiliates.
With this partnership, Sybrid MD has emerged as the leader in the business arena that is dedicatedly striving to improve the lives with innovative tech-based solutions. The commitment to bring in exclusive benefits to partner companies has been rightly translated in to this partnership. This is going to further strengthen the business bond by making healthcare coverage affordable and accessible to Sybrid MD’s client medical practices and their staff.
About Sybrid MD Sybrid MD is a full-service billing company. Founded in 2009, Sybrid MD is the leader in operational success within the healthcare industry, offering various solutions that extend from front office services to managing medical billing, medical credentialing and handling accounts of physician practices. With unmatched attention to details, the company handles all aspects of solutions provided and caters to the specific needs of each client.Website: Phone: +1 888 312 6847
About Jiseki Jiseki Health, Inc. is a membership-based service in Northern California offering portable life benefits; affordable health, financial, and legal services including discounts on everyday necessities. Jiseki represents a team of doctors, nurses, technologists, and dreamers dedicated to making healthcare benefits accessible to everyone. Website: