Sybrid MD Launches Medical Coding Service

If you are witnessing revenue losses due to coding mistakes, SybridMD might just have a solution for you. At SybridMD, you will be able to find world-class coding solutions designed for small physician offices to large multi-specialty hospitals. Only recently, SybridMD has launched its medical coding service which works to ensure a rapid workflow with instant billing, minimized losses, and an eradication of errors. These services are available to all types of healthcare organizations ranging from academic medical centers to long-term care facilities and physician groups.

The Vision

SybridMD’s core mission revolves around solving real coding problems by creating efficient and effective coding services for medical practices. It intends to minimize errors while maximizing cash flow revenues. Its solutions are designed to meet the needs of its clients, and they tend to be accurate and perfect. Sybrid MD provides medical coding services for all possible medical specialties. While its services are simple and easy to use, they are complex to design and implement, which further shows how committed SybridMD is to its vision.

Types of Coding Services

SybridMD’s coding services are provided by experts who are certified and have credentials from AAPC or AHIMA. Its coding services encompass the following:

Medical Coding

Medical coding revolves around implementing a system that is able to convert current medical procedures into a universal medical code. These include procedures, services, and diagnoses being translated into alphanumeric medical codes. The process begins with collecting medical documentation such as transcriptions, prescriptions, and test results. These are then converted to alphanumeric codes using medical coding.

Backlog Coding

Backlog coding involves the translation of waiting documentation into universal code. Backlog is a term used for the accumulated orders required to be fulfilled. Backlog coding makes it possible for a system to take these orders and create a coding that references back to them.

Medical Auditing

Medical auditing systems are used to keep a check on the accuracies and errors involved in the coding process. This provides an organization with a measure about its coding efficiencies and how well its operations are functioning. It works by auditing a certain procedure and its documentation. Through a medical audit, you will be able to better understand your weaknesses and act upon them accordingly. The audit is usually presented to the right departments in your organization which are able to take the necessary actions.

Denial Management

Certain medical claims may be denied by insurance companies based on their context and information regarding coding. Denial management systems are in place to take measures to manage these claims to ensure the practice receives the required reimbursement.

Medical Specialties

The SybridMD coding team has designed these services to cater to a large variety of specialties. These includes a total of 30 medical specialties including neurology, dermatology, oncology, and radiology. SybridMD is working on designing coding solutions for maximum possible medical specialties. It is currently the leader in the market when it comes to designing solutions for the healthcare industry. Through its applications, you will be able to minimize your time and losses while ensuring your business thrives with revenues.