The Biggest Hospitals Construction Plan under Scripps

Scripps Health brings to light its strategy to construct 5 hospital buildings which are being regarded as the biggest construction venture that the San Diego-based health system is taking into consideration. By announcing this idea, Scripps wants to foster high-quality health for the upcoming generations. This mission is intended to foster up to the minute accommodation in the healthcare industry, for instance, rooms designed with advanced technology and latest equipment. In addition, Scripps is intended to provide outpatient care to a large number of sick people by means of its acute-care hospitals. Additionally, the floors of all the hospitals will be constructed with high quality and durable material. Adding to it, the stations of nurses will be planted nearer to the Medicare beneficiaries for immediate and direct access to care delivery. In order to foster quick healing and recovery, there will be a planning of facilities and the utilization of natural resources will also make possible. With this, Scripps aimed at providing optimized and better quality health. In its broader sense, the core concern of Scripps healthcare strategy is to deliver optimum health care in the correct setting of the San Diego’s community.

i. Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego

In this context, the major task is the construction of Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego. It will comprise of the 710,000-sq-foot tower which will replace the existing acute-care edifice. In this hospital, patients will find a large number of private rooms. It will take almost five years to complete this tower as it will probably begin in 2022.

ii. Scripps Green Hospitals, Scripps Mercy Chula Vista,

The acute-care buildings of both of the Scripps Green Hospitals and the Scripps Mercy Chula Vista will be shielded through seismic retrofitting.

iii. Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla

In order to provide to build a center for women’s health Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla will be transformed into a new and mini tower. It will be a new building consisting of 7 floors. In addition, this new women’s health center will be having a labor room and a delivery room, beds for postpartum, an obstetrical surgery region, a neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) and a nursery. Its construction will be starting from 2021.

iv. Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas

The Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas will be constructed as a new 3-storey acute-care building plus a new medical workplace. Other related buildings will be shielded through seismic retrofitting. The estimated period of completion of the construction of all of these hospitals is almost 12 years from now. In addition, Scripps has also intended to construct 2 outpatient centers for cancer plus a new primary- and specialty-care health center outside the campuses of hospitals. The construction of these outpatient care centers will be started side by side with the construction of the hospital’s campuses. These huge construction ventures will come into existence with the help of revenues in commission, charity campaigns, and loans. Scripps has been taking the support of community ever since its establishment. All the projects under Scripps acquire funds from non-governmental sources. Scripps is highly grateful to the public for its higher contributions every time. Scripps is determined to provide flexible healthcare solutions to the public. One of its main business goals is to ensure the delivery of high-tech equipment and modernized tools to provide un-interrupted and immediate care to the patients in the times of need. For this reason, Scripps has given special attention to the incorporation of up to the minute technology and instruments in the rooms of the patient, diagnostic centers, laboratories as well as in the operation theaters.