The Current Claim Status Inquiry Process Is Complicated for Organizations

The growth of Healthcare Consumerism and complex agreements regarding risk sharing between consumers and healthcare providers caused the process of claim management extremely intricate plus highly labor dependent. The process of checking claim status roughly consumes 5 to 10 minutes asks for the provider to submit certain information whenever a fresh claim status is required. This consumes a lot of precious clinical time and resources and negatively impacts the healthcare revenues. It causes a considerable decline in the rates of reimbursements and health care providers spend more time in fetching the required information. Furthermore, continuous occurrence of operational errors in the coding and billing procedures can put the future of healthcare at risk. So, the current claiming process needs improvement for the better of the healthcare industry.

The Solution to this Problem

The providers should seek a way to improve the current troublesome situation. They need to set up some sophisticated software for making smooth the process of checking the status of every single claim. There should be a supple platform which could make the intricate process of claiming quite simpler, lower the expenditures as well as should be responsive to the emerging designs plus trending regulatory procedures. It undertakes the amalgamation of the automated configurable business procedure with the processing of claims.

Execution of a Sophisticated Claim Processing and Management System:

Below mentioned are the key features for the carrying out of an improved claim processing and management system: Automated Claim Processing and Management System:

  • The claim processing and management system should offer a combined and automated entry of claims. The automated procedure reduces the probability of errors, hence, improving the quality of claims plus reducing the risk of denials.
  • The connection in between the payers and providers regarding a denied claim should be automated.
  • There should be auto uploading of files and relevant cases as per the nature of the business.
  • Real-Time Efficiency: Since keeping a check on providers, participants and claims consume a lot of time; the system should offer a real-time extraction of data through the Core System.
  • Integrated Desktop: To make relevant searches and inspection of real-time participants, providers, data approval and claiming there should be the integrated desktop system. Adding to it, the system should also need to be responsive to work with paper claims.

Smooth Flow of Claims:

The system should offer a smooth flow of claims on board as well as across the board. The flow of claims between in-house segments should also be uninterrupted and hassle-free.

Effective Reporting System:

It should make more than one report to guarantee a highly visible status of every single claim all through the process of claiming.

Great User Experience:

The claim processing and management system should be user-friendly and consistent to provide a high level of user experience.

Accuracy and Precision:

It should detect possible errors in the claim in the first attempt to deliver clear and accurate information.

Reinforce Reimbursements and Revenue Cycle:

Implementation of a sophisticated claim processing and management system can give a boost to the reimbursement and revenue cycle in the healthcare industry. Alongside implementation, the system should require well-monitoring and constant efficacy to promise lasting quality services.

Implement a Fitting System for the Best of the Future of Healthcare:

The providers should take a step in the direction of implementing an improved system for maximizing their revenues. By doing so, the healthcare industry could develop more and work smoothly to deliver best healthcare services.