Top Rated Professional Podiatrists in New Jersey

If you suffer from swollen feet or ankles or have another painful medical condition related to your feet, you must visit a good podiatrist soon. A good podiatrist will ease your pain, and, even if you have cuts or cracks in your feet, you’ll be able to get relief after a single visit. And if you live in New Jersey, then you’re lucky because in this post we have compiled a list of the top rated podiatrists in New Jersey. You can consult these podiatrists to discuss your feet related issues and get good quality treatments too. Following is the list of the top rated podiatrists in New Jersey, along with a brief description:

Dr. Amanda L. Richline:

Dr. Amanda L. Richline is one of the best podiatrists in New Jersey. She’s highly recommended if you have any type of ankle or foot pain. Dr. Amanda has been working as a podiatrist for 23 years and is known for her expert diagnosis and treatment. She specializes in surgery and podiatric medicine and deals with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthrocentesis, wound care, and skin surgery. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue that is present in the heel of the foot. Dr. Amanda treats Hallux Valgus and Tinea Pedis of the plantar fasciitis categories.

Dr. John V. Guiliana:

Dr. John V. Guiliana is a famous podiatrist in Hackettstown, New Jersey and he knows well how to handle various problems related to feet. Dr. John is very professional and he has a vast experience in the field of podiatry. He’s a very respected and talented doctor in New Jersey and is able to diagnose a variety of foot related problems including injuries on ankles. He has treated a number of conditions including plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, foot fracture, and other foot conditions.

Dr. Kenneth J. Donovan:

If you’re concerned about your ankle Athroscopy, you must consult Dr. Kenneth J. Donovan in New Jersey, who has developed a reputation as one of the best for this. Dr. Kenneth has years of experience in treating heel pain, sports and running injuries, wound care, and providing reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, hyperbaric oxygen, shockwave therapy, and diabetic foot care. Other services that Dr. Kenneth provides include treating ingrown toe nails, hammer toe, wound treatments, and sports medicine.

Dr. Mark E. Solomon:

Dr. Mark Solomon is another professional podiatrist in New Jersey and is certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He has all the expertise and knowledge to deal with foot and ankle diseases and pains. He is very dedicated and deals his patients with compassion and care. Dr. Solomon has treated various foot related conditions for bunions, hammertoe, diabetic limb salvage, heel pains, trauma, and sport medicine injuries. Dr. Mark E. Solomon is trained to perform treatments using the newest and most advanced techniques.

Dr. Dennis Turner:

Dr. Dennis Turner is certified in foot and ankle surgery and podiatric medicine and he provides treatments for a variety of foot-related diseases. He specializes in podiatry and provides specialized treatment for ankle and foot related problems such as corns and bunions, neuroma, and peripheral neuropathies due to improper blood circulation.


If you live in New Jersey, you are lucky enough to have your foot treated with these top rated podiatrists. You can get a wide variety of diagnosis and treatments for various foot-related medical conditions from these podiatrists, such as heel pain, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, neuroma, bunions, sports injuries, gout, warts, corns, hammertoes, athlete’s foot, and poor blood circulation.