Upcoming Medical Events in 2019

February is American Heart Month

Every 1 out of 4 people in the US die due to heart diseases. However, with proper attention and care, heart diseases can be prevented. People can join hands with the patients’ families, community and health professionals to spread awareness and influence other people to opt for a healthy lifestyle. You can start by educating the people around you, helping them to make better choices that lead to a healthy life and by informing them of different ways that heart diseases can be prevented, such as:

  • Suggesting them to season their food with spices instead of using salt.
  • Asking school teachers and administration to devote a portion of school time to physical activity.
  • Asking doctors and physicians to spread awareness about the different ways heart diseases can be prevented.

February is AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month

Vision loss and eye diseases are increasing major health concerns in the US. A total of 4.2 million Americans aged 40 or above are currently facing eyesight issues. This number is predicted to elevate to 7.2 million by 2030, with around 5 million suffering from weak eyesight.

Low vision refers to eyesight impairment that cannot be controlled through normal eyeglasses, surgery or medication. Low vision can make simple activities such as driving, reading and shopping very difficult.

However, vision rehabilitation can be very helpful as it can help people with vision loss to maintain and maximize whatever is left of their vision by teaching them how to:

  • Perform normal tasks such as cooking, reading and shopping.
  • How to move safely from one place to another… and more.

February is National Cancer Prevention Month

According to a research, more than 40% of the types of cancer that people in the US are facing are caused by preventable causes. A few of these causes are obesity, smoking and too much exposure to sunlight. You can prevent cancer by:

  • Exercising daily and eating healthy.
  • Wearing sun screen.
  • Taking vaccines that prevent certain types of cancer.

Also, nonsmokers have less chances of being diagnosed with cancer as compared to smokers.

February is International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month, Raising Awareness of Group B Strep Infection.

Charity Group B Strep Support is on a mission to raise awareness among people regarding group B Strep infection, which is the main cause of infection in babies under 3 months old. Also, it can be very dangerous to unborn babies.

1 out of 4 women might be carrying this bacterium, which is passed onto the infant during child birth and can be very harmful to the child’s early health. Testing pregnant mothers at the right time can reduce the risk of this infection by up to 86%.

According to UK guidelines:

  • If the mother is a carrier of group B strep, they should be given antibiotics in portions from the beginning of labor until childbirth.