Use of Smart Technologies in the Healthcare System

Technology has made a striking impact on quality and costs in almost every field of life. Today everything is becoming easy by the use of technology. For example, in finance industry first we had to go to the bank for financial processing but now we can easily handle our finance issues by the use of cell phone. It is the miracle of technology that made our life so easy.

The industry with the least use of technology is the healthcare industry, but now healthcare industry is struggling to maintain good care with the use of technology. By using personalized healthcare approach, a lot of time and money can be saved. It reduces the overall cost of treatment by reducing unnecessary clinical visit. Personalized treatment reduces the direct, indirect, tangible and intangible cost to the patient. Technology has improved overall treatment rates in the healthcare industry.

Technology also had a great impact on clinical research, by using latest software patient data can be collected, compiled and processed easily to find optimum results or to check the effect of a drug on a specific population. For example, cancer patient undergoes chemotherapy and routine testing to check genomic sequencing, this can all be done easily and precisely by the use of technology. A new invention in healthcare system including advance testing machinery, equipment’s and aiding devices became possible by the use of technology.

Patient data for the course of treatment and later on for other purposes can be saved by using electronic medical records. Connecting through technology you can link patient data from all over the world. Use of old methods for reactive care is not suitable and it leaves people uncured and in debt. Technology has dramatically changed the lives of people as well as their way of living. Now people save time and money by the use of more efficient and precise methods and technology.

Now doctors have the complete record of their patients on an electronic database that helps them to know about complete past medical history of the patient. By using it they can reduce prescribing as well as medication errors. Drug and disease interaction and drug-drug interaction can be managed effectively. Changing healthcare regulations and way of dealing, like any other industry lot of data, patients history, clinical trial data and past histories can be saved in a chip rather than using a heap of papers.

Payment methods, new and innovative web applications and personal care devices such as a glucometer, sphygmomanometer, and many others enable a patient to know about their health status without visiting doctor’s clinic. Home monitoring devices are coupled with mobiles track the health status. Healthcare system is moving toward the era of technology. They are now utilizing innovative technology leads to manage healthcare resources. These tools are now becoming more popular with less cost and user-friendly. Now many health applications have been developed that enable a person to manage his routine dose with tracking record.

Use Of Technology In Healthcare System Works To:

  1. Data collection and maintenance of record
  2. Pre and post operate patient care
  3. Provide aid to mental health patients
  4. Record of an electronic database
  5. Communication between patient and healthcare worker
  6. Clinical trial data and analysis
  7. Personalized devices for home monitoring

Personalized home care devices are cheap and portable that can be handled easily. No doubt technology has the power to change lifestyle. Every industry is influenced by technology now technology is overtaking the healthcare system to the more accurate and advance healthcare system. Soon it will replace the old and exhausted system with a contemporary and neoteric system. Modern surgical devices are so efficient and accurate that saved many lives. The laser is another tremendous innovation in a healthcare system that has made many surgeries painless. It is a great revolution in dermatology. In short, technology is changing the healthcare system with a more productive and persuasive system.