What is the Best Health App Design?

Nowadays an average US user spends about five hours on his phone every single day. More than ever, people are engaging on their phones and a great amount of time is spent either on phone apps or on different websites. There are so many apps in the market, developed for all kinds of phones and all kinds of users, depending on their choices, preferences and their geographical location. The different between a good app and a not so good app is the user experience. With so many possibilities of choosing apps, which might all serve the same purpose, a good app should be able to grab the user’s attention and keep them hooked. The users expect quite a lot from these mobile apps, such as fast loading time, ease of use and relevance. The main things to consider when designing a health care app must be:

The User

You must understand that everything should be designed keeping in mind the user. Their experience, their ease of use and the features they require from the app. The app should be to the point and should not provide too much information at once or else most users get intimidated and do not bother reading anything.

The Appearance

The layout and the design of the app should be attractive, yet it should be easy to read and understand. The fonts, the colors and the layout should all be subtle and should have proper spacing and alignment. It should also be designed keeping the needs of the target audience in mind. For example, an app designed for visually impaired people should offer large graphics and large fonts for better readability.

The target audience

The app should be made keeping in mind the target audience and what they should gain from the app. For example, there can be a specific app for the diabetes patients while a separate one for those suffering from chronic heart disease. The app can be specialized for such users.


The app should ideally be available in a variety of languages and there should be options to choose your own language. Whether it is based in the US or Mexico or in the Middle East, there should be options for multiple languages as there are usually a variety of cultures and nationalities living in different countries. The communication and content should also revolve around considerations of the audience. For example: an app meant for hearing-impaired cannot have sound alerts, and needs to rely on visual or tactile alerts such as vibrations. Similarly, the text should have a comforting tone.

Laws and Regulations

Most of the states in the US have some sort of regulation or laws which need to be followed. This means that, before the designing of any health care app, one must be careful to take care of the privacy of the users with regards to their medical information. Most of the apps which are developed for the US market must also conform to the HIPPA (health insurance portability & Accountability act) Likewise, there are regulations for Canada and for the European markets.

Create a Positive Experience

Most importantly, to make your health care app successful and popular, a lot of attention and stress must be on creating a positive experience for the users. If they find the app boring or not useful enough then the users will quickly move on to something else. This means that the app should be positive and should make the users realize that it is caring.

Connection with the Users

Lastly, it is very important to have a connection with the users on a personal level. You must ask the user relevant questions and this way, establish trust. The files and the medical records should be available for downloads for record keeping by the user.

Last Words

Designing a health care app varies and depending upon the developer’s preferences, there is no right or wrong way. The developer must decide whether it will be physician centric or patient centric. Similarly, it also depends upon whether it will be for certain illness or a disease or for basic health care. The only basic thing that must be kept in mind is to make sure it is trustworthy, user friendly, quick and updated.