Sybrid MD is Thrilled to Announce the Launch of an Industry-First $1 Medical Billing Solution

Bellmore, New York (PRWEB) October 26, 2016  Sybrid MD, the leading provider of medical billing services in the Healthcare Industry, today announces the launch of its avant-garde $1 Billing solution for physicians and medical practices. The $1 Billing solution is aimed to help medical practices streamline their billing process with an affordable and professional medical billing service.

According to a survey conducted by Black Book Market Research, findings from 2,000 independent physician practices and 200 hospital-based physician practices reveal profit margins continue to be impacted negatively by traditional patient billing solutions, steering 59% of medical providers and 86% of hospitals to initiate plans to jettison time-intensive, error prone, manual, backend efforts for processing and reconciling bills by Q3 2017.

Sybrid MD believes in curtailing the revenue losses of physician practices which is mostly caused by erroneous medical bills and ensuing poor reimbursements. Similarly, streamlining the billing flow brings about accuracy in the clinical data, automation of redundant tasks and ultimately it impacts the overall productivity and profitability of a medical practice.

To introduce this effective billing solution, Sybrid MD has pioneered an industry-first initiative $1 Billing that has been designed to increase collections, reduce denials and improve the revenue of medical practices. It’s just takes a single dollar to sign up for a complete service for the first 30 days, and there is no extra charge or hidden fee. This state-of-the-art medical billing solution focuses on some of the major areas of a billing flow.

  • Sybrid MD billing experts would make sure that claims do not get rejected and physicians get maximum returns.
  • Experienced coding and billing team would take charge of processes and practices won’t have to worry about hiring expensive resources.
  • The $1 Billing solution is not software dependent and requires no hefty hardware installation to get started.
  • It is a hassle-free and easy-to-setup billing solution that would completely free the physicians from billing related chores, helping them focus on the quality of patient care.
  • Non-techie and new physician practices can quickly adapt this robust billing service and get paid in time without having to worry about impending regulations and newest technologies.

“Rising healthcare expenditures and the complex technology or staffing requirements to succeed under value-based care is creating the urgent demand for cost-effective, technically advanced business office outsourcing solutions in physician practices across the country,” said Doug Brown, founder of Brown-Wilson Group.

While most of the medical billing solutions in the market incorporate a huge upfront cost to start, Sybrid MD’s billing solution is distinctive in many ways. Only one dollar is needed to Sign up for a complete service and it requires no additional resources or technologies which makes it the best medical billing solution at present. To learn more about $1 Billing.