SybridMD Dubbed as the Fastest Growing Medical Billing Company in North America

Baldwin, New York, April 2018 – SybridMD, an industry pioneer, is pleased to announce its claim to the title of the fastest growing medical billing company in North America. Within just a decade, the company has been able to land on the list of the fastest growing medical billing companies, which it attributes to its innovative $1 medical billing solution.

Servicing innumerable practices across North America, SybridMD has provided a comprehensive solution with a personalized service. Its services have immensely profited its clients, helping it secure its place among the fastest growing medical billing companies.

SybridMD has been successful in providing premier medical billing solutions while being cost-effective for its clients. While most other solutions would incur a hefty upfront cost, SybridMD forgoes such a route and allows medical practices to sign up for its services with just $1. This is the main factor involved in making the company one of the fastest growing medical billing companies.

Its state-of-the-art medical billing solution aids medical practices in streamlining their billing process, reducing the hassle of billing and allowing medical professionals to focus more on their patients and their health. Furthermore, its services have also reduced revenue losses that result from erroneous medical bills.

Together with its front office management system, SybridMD has been able to cater to a wide variety of practices. As a result, it has reduced the stress for a lot of practices by handling patient scheduling and billing and increasing revenue proficiently with its cost-effective solutions. Its streamlined solutions offer maximum returns to its clients, increasing its popularity among the masses.

Furthermore, its services are tailored to fit the needs of every client. As a result, it can perfectly cater to any type of practice, be it small or large, leading to its clients being immensely satisfied with its services. Its top-notch resources and tools add the icing to the already pretty delicious cake and take SybridMD’s services to a whole new level.

SybridMD’s services are not limited to catering to patients; it takes care of all credentialing procedures as well. Even a minor mistake can derail the process, which can be unfavorable for both the practice and the physician. SybridMD understands the importance of credentialing a healthcare professional and delegates the task to an experienced team, which can handle it with aplomb.

About SybridMD

SybridMD is a leading healthcare service provider with almost a decade worth of experience. Founded in 2009, the company has been servicing over 100 practices in 22 states with front office, coding, billing and credentialing services. Its personalized services aim to increase profitability for its clients as well as allow its clients to focus more on patients by decreasing the stress of billing. Its team consist of experienced professionals with more than 5 decades of experience in their respective fields.