The Importance of securing Remote Workstations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this time of pandemic and horror everywhere it is recommended to isolate yourself as the COVID-19 spread through human to human interaction. Similarly, while restaurants, schools and other places where human contact is possible are being shut down, so how come the workplaces be left behind? The workstations are being transferred to home so that every employee can stay safe yet work remotely from their home. But the problem that arises with this step is many and one of the major problems is of cyberattacks. That will lead you to be bankrupt or your business being shut down as you may face fraud or cybercrimes. Therefore, increasing the importance of securing your remote workstations during the COVID-19 pandemic so that you do not face any problem while working from home.

  • Why Remote Workstations?

As discussed above, this virus completely spreads through contact. And it can also stay for few hours to few days so to avoid everyone in the company, becoming the target of COVID-19, it is better to work in isolation through the home using the facilities for Cloud Computing. That means usage of emails and other online services. This step is crucial towards winning the battle against Coronavirus so let’s move on to the other question that what risks may a company face regarding the remote workstations.

  • Risks regarding Remote Workstations

To answer this question let’s consider a scenario, you are in your office, sitting on your desk and working on computers and laptops which includes a number of defense mechanisms and layers to protect your company assets and these are all connected through a server that monitors each device for any security alert. Hence, making all your data safe in a safe environment under a single server or many more but all are there and are not being provided by other sources. But now due to COVID-19, many people have to work from home.

That means you and your workers are now out of your corporate security system and your data is not fully protected. VPNs and another tunneling may provide you a secure platform but they are completely open platforms that need high protection and if you are unlucky you may face a cyber-attack, so how can a person living in the US stay safe from such concerns?

  • Safety from Phishing Attempts

Firstly, you need to identify a phishing attempt, which means if you receive an email or link asking you to give your credentials so this may be a phishing attack. Each and everyone on the team is in charge of the security of the data as everyone is responsible for their own network. Try to secure your data as much as you can and stay skeptical of anything you see on the internet. There were many cases reported for cybercrimes in the US regarding people getting advertisements on the internet that they have won something and it’s completely free so they need to add their address and other details.

After doing such a thing, most but not all suffered from hacked bank accounts, their social media accounts and other such mishaps. To stay safe if you receive any call or anything just hold the phone dial the company directly and then confirm the authenticity behind the case before giving out the information that being said let’s move onto how can you secure yourself from such attacks as everything is working on technology these days.

  • How to secure yourself from such Cyberattacks during COVID-19?

First of all, try to go for outside work or company security options. Let your security team come up with security options and apply those that work best for you. Get a layered defense outside of work so that all your employees work in a safe environment. Individually every person working in the company should take responsibility to be mindful that something may happen like spam emails or something so they should avoid giving out their credentials or the company’s information before confirming if the other end is legit or not as there are bad people out there and during this COVID-19 period and unsecured workstations they do have the best chance to get to you.

So, securing your workstations is highly important during this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic time as there are many people out there trying to take advantage of the situation and getting information on you and your company. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep an eye out for the security breaches. And don’t ignore the importance of securing your workstation as it may save you from future difficulties.


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