Why Telehealth can’t significantly flatten the coronavirus curve yet

The two main and focused in the main heading is telehealth and coronavirus pandemic. First of all, we discuss telehealth. Telehealth is the virtual way of using technology and telecommunication to deal with the disease. Telehealth brings ease in our lives by dealing and diagnoses the diseases electronically through mobile or other electronic devices. That is why telehealth is also known as e-health and m-health or electronic health or mobile health. This helps to give quality health services access to the faraway rural areas. With the help of telehealth, many of people keep observing social distancing and this may reduce the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The second prominent and focused word is a coronavirus. Telehealth services help the people who live far away from the cities because the quality services of health care are located within the cities. Due to telehealth people will not have to travel too long. They just have to visit the tele health care website in order to get an appointment.

Their doctors tell them the proper medication of the disease they have diagnosed. Also uploads their reports and the result of diagnostic disease on their portal of telehealth website. Most of the rural areas people do not know about this for these the proper counseling sessions are held in their areas. That will help them in knowing about tele health care.

Coronavirus is also known as COVID-19 is the pandemic disease that spread from one person to another easily. So, to keep most of the people safe from this global issue’s health experts announce to practice social distancing and stay at houses. Due to this, the whole world is shut down because for all the governments the health of the citizens comes first. This pandemic disease affects the economy but what if the people do not remain what is the economy for? The people stay safe they regain the same peak of the economy that helps the country.

Now the issue is that why telehealth can’t flatten the day-by-day increasing curve of coronavirus. Why the health care authorities fail to recover the cases of a decrease in the number of people suffering from coronavirus. The tally of the United States of coronavirus is increasing rapidly.

The capacity of hospitals is potentially overwhelmed by the increasing number of coronavirus patients. In this pandemic situation of coronavirus the telehealth that people say nice to have but for this situation in the US it needs to have the telehealth technology in the United States.

The technology of telehealth exists for almost many decades but with the advancement in technology, there is also advancement in telehealthcare services. In the year 2005-2017 one out of 150 doctors and one out of 5000-10,000 specialists visit telemedicine.

Due to the global pandemic of coronavirus the Federal Government lift up the ban from telehealth. Also, add the extension of coverage of more doctors and privacy settings like restrict to use Apple’s face time. America’s largest health center the use of telehealth increasing rapidly. Due to the accelerated use of telehealth the weekly number of Tele appointments increasing 5-10 times per week.

One of the most used telehealth websites of the United States is Teladoc has 100,000 appointments weekly. But unfortunately, only 38 cities mandated the coverage of telehealth facility. This telehealth costs about $50-80 per appointment. Some of the private healthcare services providers, such as the united healthcare, covering about 45 million Americans, Humana which covers 39 million of Americans; only 20% of the states required payment for the appointment.

Through the help of telehealth, the doctors collecting data of coronavirus patients that also decrease the number of patients to some extent and also slow down its rapid spread of coronavirus pandemic situations.

The question is that after all of these steps why raising the curve of coronavirus still cannot control. The one reason is that most of the people still do not know about this technology that they avail of this technology from their houses because of them afraid of this pandemic disease.

Due to this they keep themselves in the houses and do not go for the check-up and fall for coronavirus. Secondly, the major reason is that if someone gets an appointment but not treated the way they want the doctor to treat them. Because the doctors have many appointments that are on pending so that is the reason for doctors who are in a hurry.