Are you looking for a medical billing company that offers more than just claim preparation and collection?

Get SybridMD on board and enjoy an array of complementary services; Free Audit & Consultation, Free Billing Software, Weekly & Monthly Reports, a Dedicated Account Manager and much more!

Perks of Partnering with SybridMD

If you are wondering why you should choose SybridMD over other medical billing companies in the US, here’s the answer.

With SybridMD you’ll not just get your payments on time without running after different insurance companies, but the entire management of finances will become much easier.

We do not just try to dump our services on you – in fact, we provide a detailed audit along with consultation services absolutely FREE OF CHARGE and then LET YOU DECIDE what’s best for your practice.

Guess What? That’s Not It

SybridMD is not just a medical billing company. We believe in providing a complete set of solutions to our clients. Along with collection services, we offer:

Free Billing Software

Our feature-rich software helps your medical practice streamline the billing flow and make timely decisions. It helps you remain updated about the cash flow situation, keeps you informed about payments that are yet to be received, and facilitates timely action and communication.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports

With SybridMD, you won’t need to burden your mind thinking whether this month’s payment has been received or not, and how has your practice performed this quarter as compared to the last one. We provide our clients with periodic statements that represent a summary of collections that have been made and those that are still outstanding.

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign every practice a dedicated account manager, so you have just one point of contact and do not have to brief and re-brief a new person about past commitments and discussions. Over time, your account manager starts understanding your practice’s unique needs perfectly and starts feeling ownership towards it, and hence tries his/her best to improve its performance.

So what are you waiting for?

Make a wise decision before it is too late.

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