Why Your Medical Practice is Losing Profit?

Due to Rejected Claims, Payment Denials, Lost Productivity and Bad Billing Practices!

We Are Here To Help You

Sybrid MD offers to fix that once and for all through its revolutionary $1 Billing solution. It will increase your collections, reduce denials and improve the productivity of your practice just in 30 days. The $1 Billing solution is a sure way to bringing accuracy to your bills and getting paid faster.

Empower Your Practice With The Best Billing Service

Sybrid MD is a premier medical billing service provider which has instilled years of its billing expertise in $1 Billing solution to let medical practices experience the benefits of a streamlined billing flow and get maximum returns, with a feature-rich and cost-effective solution.

No Dependencies

Whatever you use a billing service or a software One Dollar Billing is platform independent.

Instant Start

Get started in less than 60 seconds after letting us know the billing issues and requirements.

Expert Team

It takes a team to fix issues, develop a personalized plan for your practice and implement it.

Finest Procedures

Our billing service is HIPAA compliant, and we strictly follow requirements set for business associates.


24/7 Support

Once you sign up with Sybrid MD, a dedicated support team would guide you through the myriads.

Take Control of Your Revenue Cycle with Sybrid MD's Turnkey $1 Billing

Sybrid MD’s $1 Billing can prove to be a game-changer for your practice. We are quick to identify the revenue leakage spots and patch those troubled areas to improve your cash flow.

Maximize The Patient Dollar

Let us take care of your billing so that you can give more time to improve patient care. Satisfied patients and increased patient participation is a sure way to get more visits and increased turnover. Sybrid MD’s $1 Billing is an end-to-end solution. Although, it is primarily focused on streamlining the billing workflow and ultimately you will find an increase in patient payment collections.

Minimize Your Billing Pain

The billing flow starts from the front desk. Your front office staff must maintain accuracy in the patient documents which should follow up with correct coding and timely submission of clean claims. Any error in this flow leads to profit loss. Sybrid MD’s $1 Billing gives the right start by fixing problems in your bills and minimize your billing related stress.

Still thinking about signing up?

Let’s Make Your Decision Easier With an Overview

Sybrid MD's $1 Billing is a feature-rich solution

Sybrid MD’s $1 Billing make your practice exceptionally profitable and productive just in 30 days. Below are some of the salient benefits that you would be getting as part of the service After $1 sign up.
Our dedicated team of Account Managers will work with you to make sure your Billing account is set up for success, at no extra cost, when you invest $1. They’ll even walk through you a complete on boarding process. The first 30 days are important to learn what works for you and what doesn’t, we’ll guide you through each step.

$1 Billing is only for the first 30 days of signup and valid only for Medical Billing Service.