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SybridMD provides the ultimate revenue cycle management solutions necessary for every healthcare practice. From front desk to billing and payment collections, we have got you covered.
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RCM and Medical Billing Services:

Our reliable services entail front-end revenue cycle management, insurance eligibility checks, coding, professional healthcare billing, claim submission, and payment collection to guarantee that your healthcare practice runs effortlessly.

Medical Billing Services

SybridMD provides professional medical billing and management services to small and medium-sized practices. We ensure diligent preparation of bills and payment claims that you can count on.

Medical Coding Services

Providing professional billing services means we put coding as the foundation for the whole billing process. SybridMD employs certified medical coders to ensure your healthcare practice receives the best outcomes.

Medical Credentialing Services

Often, in healthcare setups, physician credentialing can become a bit of a hassle, which is why our physician credentialing and re-credentialing services promise to avoid any delays and prevent loss of revenue.

Front Office Management

SybridMD’s remarkable front-end management services offer flawless data collection at the front desk by checking the patient insurance eligibility and scheduling regular follow-ups to eliminate patients’ no-shows.

Medical Transcription Services

SybridMD proudly presents its highly qualified medical transcription team, one of the best in the US, who utilize the most advanced tools available to provide you with exemplary medical transcription services.

Value-Added Services

SybridMD does more than just medical billing! Our dedicated team of professionals efficiently manages your revenue cycle to certify your productivity in the healthcare sector.

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Did you know that SybridMD is not software-dependent? Yes! Our reliable healthcare management solutions work seamlessly with all practice management tools. And not just that, our devoted support team is available 24/7 to answer all your queries absolutely free.

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SybridMD FAQ's

Frequency Asked Questions About Our Services

To start off the process, kindly provide us with complete details about your practice, including your practice model, specialty, and any specific concerns. Also, let us know the best time to contact you. All of this helps us prepare to deliver the perfect healthcare management solutions tailored specifically to you.
SybridMD has catered to a variety of medical specialties with diverse needs, developed compliance and HIPAA programs from the ground up, and designed a streamlined process to customize services for individual practices. We proudly employ trained personnel who have, time and again, documented their success in helping our clients become more profitable, all while alleviating the frustration of maintaining a billing department.
Consider the SybridMD operational module as an integral extension of your practice. Our management team is comprised of owners who are actively involved in daily operations to make sure the business runs optimally. Maximizing our clients’ revenue and minimizing the revenue cycle period are stakes we take personally. We have a laser focus on your goals in order to achieve results that you can rely on. SybridMD has a proven track record of unparalleled performance because your success is synonymous with ours.
A range of reports is provided at the end of each month based on the information you wish to review, including account activity and aging. Specifically, tailored reports can be designed on request. SybridMD encourages monthly meetings with each of our clients for an in-depth review of the previous month and a comparison to the present month’s collections so that you may forecast trends, evaluate your practice performance, and effectively gauge how SybridMD contributes to your business’ success.