Effective Revenue Cycle Management

SybridMD provides complete revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare practices. We manage processes from the front desk to billing and payment collections.

RCM and Medical Billing Services

SybridMD is a healthcare billing services provider with an added expertise in revenue cycle management that completes the revenue cycle for medical practices, starting from patient front desk management, insurance eligibility check, coding, billing, claim submission, and payment collection.

medical billing

Medical Billing Services

SybridMD provides remarkable medical billing services to small and medium-sized practices. Our billing services ensure accurate preparation of bills and payment claims

medical coding

Medical Coding Services

Coding for healthcare services providers is the most significant segment that sets the base for the whole billing process. SybridMD employs certified medical coders to deliver the best outcomes.


Medical Credentialing Services

Physician credentialing is something that causes trouble if not handled in the right way. Our physician credentialing and re-credentialing services avoid any delays and loss of revenue.

front office

Front Office Management

SybridMD’s front office management services ensures flawless data collection at the front desk by checking the patient insurance eligibility and doing follow-ups to eliminate no-shows of the patients.


Medical Transcription Services

The medical transcriptionist team at SybridMD has the experience of the best medical transcription companies in the US and our experienced transcriptionists utilize the most advanced tools available.

value added

Value-Added Services

SybridMD is not simply a medical billing company rather we serve to complete the revenue cycle focusing on efficient revenue cycle management and adding value to the healthcare sector..

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