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SybridMD is a credential service provider and emerges to aid physicians in avoiding delayed submission of healthcare claims, crossing filing limits, wastage of time, and loss of revenue in the credentialing process. Our experienced team manages the credentialing process, which helps you navigate the provider enrollment and MD credentialing process.

Our Medical Credentialing Services Include:

medical billing

Credentialing & Re-credentialing

We ensure the credentials received from the practitioner are utterly accurate and review them periodically for added verification.

medical coding

Dedicated Team

A team that completes the credentialing details and submits it to commercial Insurances, Medicare and Medicaid, as requested by healthcare physicians.



SybridMD’s Physician Credentialing Services ensure compliance with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS.

medical billing

Crucial Follow Ups

As a credential service provider, we ensure that all follow-ups are performed properly for a smooth enrollment.

medical coding

Portal Registrations

Create and update CAQH & PECOS credentialing portals


Contracting Issues & Data Integrity

We resolve contracting issues and maintain data integrity through audits

Credentialing: Did you know?


Medical credentialing services usually involves gathering information about the physician’s background and qualifications through a formal application that is verified against reliable sources like the National Practitioner Data Bank or the American Board of Medical Specialties.


The Coalition for Affordable Quality Healthcare has offered a uniform MD credentialing program for about 15 years, and this program has been adopted by most payers in the United States.


Typically, when contacted by a hospital, HMO, or employer, physicians are required to answer 800 questions. Information includes items ranging from licensure to practice history in the last five years

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    Medical Billing and Credentialing Services

    For a healthcare professional, finding medical billing credentialing services is a daunting task. The service provider a healthcare professional chooses would determine whether there’s peace of mind ahead or disturbance. Although there are various medical credentialing companies around the world – each claiming to be the best credentialing services; but finding the right service would require doing some research. At SybridMD, we provide physicians credentialing services tailored to your specific needs and requirements, so that you can focus on doing what you do best – helping people live the healthiest lives possible.

    Why Choose SybridMD Company for Medical Credentialing Services

    For a healthcare professional, finding the best credential service provider, medical billing, and credentialing services provider are some daunting tasks. The service provider, a healthcare professional, would determine whether there’s peace of mind ahead or disturbance. Although there are various credentialing companies worldwide – each claiming to be the best; finding the right credential service provider would require doing some research. SybridMD provides physician credentialing services tailored to your specific needs and requirements so that you can focus on doing what you do best – helping people live the healthiest lives possible.


    Certainly, physicians can do this themselves – but a professional credential service provider would remove all the hassles from the equation. You can easily spend more time doing something you love while a professional credentialing service for physicians like SybridMD do all the hard work for you. We have helped many healthcare professionals with our unrivalled medical billing and credentialing services and we are ready to help you too. 

    The credentialing process takes around 90-120 days and sometimes the process completes quicker if the documents are complete and there are no objections.

    To speed up the credentialing process you must proactively gather the required documents, hire a credential service provider and ensure accuracy of the information provided.

    The good thing about Medicare is that the day they receive the application, providers can bill from that date. Medicare takes 60 – 90 days to complete the credentialing process and sometimes the turnaround time is just 15 days.

    The insurance companies take 60 – 90 days to verify the provider’s educational documents, qualifications, and past work experience and check the criminal record.

    Credentialing is needed to get physicians enrolled with the insurance company. Without credentialing, providers cannot claim insurance companies for reimbursements? Credentialing determines the eligibility of the providers.

    Payors usually review provider agreement every 3 years to ensure and most of the organization requires complying with the re-credentialing to ensure provider network quality.

    The credentialing process can take up to 3 months to complete. Every organization has a different process to vet the sign-up application and usually, an in-house committee scrutinizes the application form every angle.

    The provider credentialing is a process of authenticating the accuracy of provider’s educational documents, career record, malpractice history, licenses, diplomas, certifications, and professional references upon hiring. Providers must be credentialed with the payors and insurance companies to get paid and the process includes NPI and CAQH ProView.