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Medical Credentialing Services

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Physician Credentialing Services

Our Medical Credentialing Services help you navigate the difficult process of provider enrollment and medical credentialing all at a low cost. We offer physician credentialing services as low as $85/insurance. Medical Credentialing of a healthcare physician with the governmental and commercial payers is the most basic yet an extremely critical step. A minor mistake can cause a delay in physician enrollment. Sybrid MD Medical Credentialing Services ensures that this very critical and delicate process is managed by an experienced team, working in close coordination with physicians to get them enrolled efficiently.

Credentialing of a healthcare physician with the governmental and commercial payers/ is the most basic yet an extremely critical step. A minor mistake can cause delay in physician enrollment resulting in delayed submission of healthcare claims, crossing the timely filing limits, wastage of time and loss of revenue. Sybrid MD ensures that this very critical and delicate process is managed by an experienced team who works in close coordination with physicians and insurance companies all the way to provide effective and efficient enrollment and credentialing services. Enrollment/Credentialing Services include:

Credentialing: Did you know?

Medical Credentialing usually involves gathering information about the physician’s background and qualifications by a formal application that is then verified against information available from reliable sources like the National Practitioner Data Bank or the American Board of Medical Specialties

The Coalition for Affordable Quality Healthcare has offered a uniform medical credentialing program for about 15 years, and this program has been adopted by most payers in the United States.

Typically, when contacted by a hospital, HMO, or employer, these agencies ask physicians to fill out an application that focuses on items ranging from licensure to practice history as far back as five years. One agency asks physicians to answer 800 questions in the initial application.



Credentialing & Re-credentialing

Medical Credentialing and Re-credentialing all physicians and mid-level practitioners according to Plan specifications with all Government and commercial payers.


Dedicated Team

A dedicated team that completes the enrollment/credentialing details and submits to commercial Insurances, Medicare and Medicaid and as requested by healthcare physicians.


Ensure Compliance:

Sybrid MD’s Physician Credentialing Services ensure compliance with National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) credentialing requirements.


Importance of Follow Ups

Sybrid MD ensures that all the follow-ups are performed to ensure rapid and complete enrollment.


Portal Registrations:

Create/Update CAQH & PECOS Credentialing portals as required


Contracting Issues & Data Integrity:

We resolve contracting issues pertaining to credentialing and maintain data integrity through audits




For small practices, Safelock Certified™ is a HIPAA Compliance solution, offering training, compliance help and our uniquely positive brand of patient reassurance. Data breaches are daily news, and patients want to know your office is properly securing their Protected Health Information.


For larger offices, Safelock Certified™ Ultra fulfills statutory requirements, offers point-by-point guidance and provides mandated HIPAA training for every team member. We offer complete compliance strategies and 24-hour response to privacy crisis and concerns.


What you achieve

Safelock Certified™, no one can lift the challenge of compliance from your shoulders.

You avoid data breaches and catastrophic fines. Provide security, training and the tools you need to ensure private patient information stays private

Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Plan of Action for remediation of issues found

Help develop practice-specific Acknowledgements, Consent forms, and other essential documentation

Safelock Certified™ window decals, promotional press releases and help with social media optimization

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Sybrid MD is the leader in operational success within the healthcare industry. We are experts at doing the work you don’t have time for. Contact us and we’ll show you how our services can meet your specific needs.

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